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An example of gun freak fun with Tannerite.

Friend of gun nut stops by for a visit. Nutcase says 'hey watch this...this is fun!' Friend pulls out cell phone to record the insanity. Nutcase puts exploding target inside refrigerator and fires. Friend loses hand to shrapnel:

"I had no idea there was anything like that being used," said Plank-Greer. "The binary compound was used and placed inside the refrigerator, and they shot the refrigerator and blew it up."

Plank-Greer said she had just planned on taping her friend firing a brand new gun.

"It hit me so fast, I didn't even have time to react, and next thing I knew, my hand, my fingers were on the ground," said Plank-Greer.


Plank-Greer thought she was at a safe range.

"I was approximately 150 yards up range," said Plank-Greer. "I had on safety glasses, hearing protection."

"My medical expenses are $250,000 and I'm not done," said Plank-Greer. "It's just not fair that people can make this product and have it on store shelves."

Tannerite, and other exploding target fun, is sold commercially over the counter. To anyone. As far as I know, it serves no useful purpose in the ordinary course of life. It is sold strictly for the fun gun freaks get from blowing things up. You can order it online and have it shipped to your house, except in Maryland which has wisely banned the sale or possession of it. Nor can you get your blow shit up jollies at a Federal forest as the Forest Service has banned it as well. Additionally, the ATF and other law enforcement agencies are increasingly alarmed:
The federal government is also concerned about people misusing exploding targets.

"It creates a public safety concern," said Kirk Dennis, ATF special agent bomb technician. "People don't realize the risk. If you put them in a container for something other than intended for, there can be tragic consequences."

The U.S. Forest Service banned the targets on its property in five western states, claiming the exploding targets ignited wildfires that cost more than $33 million to fight.

An Indiana Republican state senator, Jim Merritt, a rabid gun freak himself, thinks there should be some restrictions on this stuff in his state. Not a ban, but a simple requirement that it not be on the shelf where it can be easily stolen and that ID should be presented to make sure the purchaser is at least 18 years old. Not unreasonable.  Cue the gun freaks:
Oh goody, another politician that just wants to ban something because somebody besides them is having fun with it...
Another clueless, ignorant bastard in the Senate! We have one in Colorado that is a female and wants to ban 'extended bullets!'
Another prohibition cunt that should move to China so that he can feel more comfortable wrapped in communism's warm embrace.
Another asshole politician! Why ban or limit tannerite? Is it killing people? NO! Fuck you Senator! Why don't you try concentrating on some real issues that affect people's lives.
The most fun way I have discovered to split firewood.
This is yet one more example of an obama butt leechthat got his lips stuck and couldn't breath causing even more brain damage than there already was. Add him to the growing list of whack jobs out there doing their level best to harm as much of this country as possible. I can do more damage with common things from a grocey store from my mil-training than tannerite can do on it's best day.
Go to your local Lowes or Home Depot and you can make any type of bomb you need and still have money left over. At least that is what a local bomb tech told me.
Also, if anyone is injured using Tannerite, criminally or not, this senator and this news station should be held liable.
Awesome. Because lets face it, dangerous chemicals floating around without any regulation whatsoever that serve no useful purpose other than blowing shit up for fun is fundamentally a basic American freedom. The only alternative is Totalitarian Communism.

Folks, these are sick, sick people.


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Originally posted to Triple-B in the Building on Wed Apr 30, 2014 at 07:57 AM PDT.

Also republished by Shut Down the NRA.

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