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This is not a GBCW diary.  Tomorrow, the cats and I move to MiL's. The Packhorse, true to his name, will be packing up furniture for storage.Tomorrow we pack the kitchen (Goddess I do NOT look forward to that at all.). We've taken a lot of stuff to Goodwill, including  clothing which is way too big thanks to the 15 pounds I have lost since Ben came home.  I allow myself  a sweet snack before bedtime  so, I don't have the sugar craving, but mostly I am losing because I am eating about half of what I had at one point in time. I am mostly eating his diet, which meant giving up sweet tea, and * find I don't miss it.

We finally broke down and bought two cell phones, even though I hate the damned things. I got the most basic model, while he got the smart phone (Samsung Galaxy) which I may be able to use occasionally just to report in. With the rebate, mine will
cost a whole dollar. We have already agreed that phones won't ever be on during dinner or when we're out.


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Ben had planned to write a thank you note to all of you (his quilt is going with us to lie over MiL's headboard) but we got very involved with cardio rehab which he had to drop out of for the moment, because the bank gave us 10 days to pack up and move.I've had to pull a "Maude, sit!" on him a couple of times to remind him to keep his blood sugar up and so he doesn't over do it. His baby brother has given us a lot of help lifting stuff.  Our good furniture is mostly in a huge storeroom at MiL's (it's Korean elm and brass and Hong King rosewood with Chinese carving).

I can't stay on much longer.  While we were eating dinner, the chair I was sitting on broke., Two of the legs tore away, and I fell over, smacking my back and aggravating my old scoliosis and facet joint syndrome (in the sacro lumbar vertebrae). Right now sitting isn't very comfy for me. I think it was a sign from the Universe. I'd planned to keep the table and the china cabinet because they were my mother's but  I resisted.  I think it's time to remove the last traces of Dad who had picked out the colonial style table with the formica (!) top.  The set was Ethan Allen but they weren't in great shape--this is the second chair that broke on us.

In some ways moving out of here and eventually into an apartment with fitness center will be good for us.  This house has been bad luck since the we moved in. We had to replace the stove 2 years into--just before Christmas, too; we didn't get the new one until the day before New Year's Eve,  The fridge has some issues (we had to glue back one of the door compartments), and the barely 5 year old plumbing in one of the bathrooms has issues.  Those are now the bank's problems. We are putting the washer and dryer in storage and MiL will take the cooktop range. We Between the down payment and the 5 years we paid the mortgage, we've put between 50-60 K into this house, mostly my inheritance from Dad. We won't get any of it back. I'll probably never own a house again. But I am making sure the bad luck stays here--I am burying a picture of Dad in the backyard so that the distress he caused both of us will stay here.  I plan on getting some therapy to undo the damage he did to me as a child by calling me fat (I wasn't; I had breasts and hips and curves which Dad thought looked great on Marilyn Monroe but fat on me) and clumsy (I have ankles that turn so easily the doctor asked me if I had had surgery for club foot on my right foot--oh and there's that scoliosis thing) and failure (two master's degrees and a Phi Beta Kappa key years teaching before I married Ben, published short stories to my name, and still I was unsuccessful in his eyes). I need to leave it behind and heal.

So it's au revoir for now. I will be back --with luck long before Samhain/Hallloween. Or as Wiccans say: Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!"

Bright blessings to all of you. I WILL be back.

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