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Marco Rubio has a big idea!  He wants to change the Republican party so they can lead America into "A new American Century"!  Rubio knows the Republicans have been wondering in the idea desert for awhile now, and he wants to step from the clown car and lead his circus to the promised land.  Sorry Moses, but even with your Oligarch masters giving you the holy tablets of talking point lies, it looks like you're going to be wondering in that desert for a few more years.

In an interview with the NH Union Leader Rubio, like most Republicans, can't talk for more than a sentence or two before lying about what the Democrats are up to.

"I want people to look at the Republican Party as the party that shows them the way to a new American century versus a Democratic Party that shows us how this is the new normal and we just have to get used to it, that the cashier at Burger King will always be a cashier, and all he or she can hope for is an increase in the minimum wage,"

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Let's face it, the Republicans got nothin!  They literally can't run a campaign without lying about who they really are, or lying about Democratic records and policies, or without telling their base anything they need to, to keep the base ignorant and afraid.  But I digress.

It seams Rubio isn't as original as he would like us to believe.  Rubio's new ideas, have a bit of a feeling of Romney's old ideas.  Remember when good ole Mitt reached into the bag of economic tricks for kids and made this brilliant suggestion?

This kind of devisiveness, this attack of success, is very different than what we’ve seen in our country’s history. We’ve always encouraged young people: Take a shot, go for it, take a risk, get the education, borrow money if you have to from your parents, start a business.
Well that Republican parental economic advice wasn't lost on Marco Rubio.  He want's to put a populist spin on that trickle down Romninomics.
"And what we say is: No, the cashier at Burger King might be a cashier today, but he or she will be a manager tomorrow, and maybe they're paying for school so she can be a doctor in 10 years,"
That's right kids!  Marco Rubio doesn't want you leaching off your future inheritance, he want's you to pull yourself up by the bootstraps (you kids do have bootstraps don't you?) suck it up and work your way through medical school on a minimum wage Burger King job.  

Now lets see, let me get the back of my envelope out and do a little ciphering.  A little googling here and we see undergrad and Medical school runs about $250,000 for a degree, minimum wage at $7.25/hr, working 30 hours/week... divide by...carry the one... Yep, if you work real hard at Burger King, and you study real hard in school, in about 22 years you ought to be about ready to hang that ole shingle on the door and start building a practice.  I'm not exactly sure that that $250K includes room and board, but don't worry, a burger accidentally falls on the floor over here, a tub of fries over there, you'll do just fine.

Don't fret that the numbers might not add up just right, because the Republican promised land is all about ideas and principles.  Let Marco explain it in his own words, now pay attention you might get tested on this one.

"On many occasions, I had to do things that weren't as good as I wanted them to be but were better than we had right now and was willing to do that. I think where you go too far is when you abandon your principles. I'm willing to compromise on ideas. Where I think you can't compromise is on principles, and the reason why is because people elect you on those principles, and they expect you to follow through on principles. On ideas, I think there is flexibility on how you can accomplish things, and I always believe that if you are making things better, truly better, not cosmetically better, it's something you should be willing to work with people on."
You got it?!  You can compromise on ideas, but not on principles.  Voters elect Republicans on principles, but not because of their ideas, so they expect them to stick to their principles and they don't give a shit about their ideas.  Welllll, you got me convinced Marco.  I'm convinced you don't have a freaken idea what principles are!

But Marco's got his finger on the pulse of America.  He can feel your pain.  Don't believe me?  Ask him!

"I think the real frustration with Washington is it doesn't seem plugged in to what life is like for real people in the real world on a daily basis," he said. "We fight and argue over things that most people are not worrying about at night before they go to bed or in the morning when they're making their coffee."
Damn straight!  I know before my wife and I go to bed at night we worry about, what really happened in BENGHAZI, or how could the IRS go after the Tea Party, or is President Obama ever going to give us his real Birth Certificate, or is Eric Holder going to take our guns away and sell them to Mexican Cartels?  And now when we're making our coffee in the morning, we'll wonder if maybe we should send the kids to go to work at Domino's pizza so they can go to law school, or maybe be WalMart stock clerks so they can become nuclear physicists. Now why didn't we think of that?!  All this worry about how in the world we could raise a few hundred grand, when all along Marco Rubio's got the big idea with the big answer to all our problems.  I'm sure glad he's one of the real people in the real world.

So good for you Marco.  You've got your plan on the table to lead the Republicans into a new American century.  And if you keep coming up with ideas like kids working their way through medical school by flipping burgers, the Koch brothers just might let you drive the clown car some day.

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