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In case you hadn't noticed, in the U.S. the political climate is changing faster than the global climate, and Republicans are beside themselves trying to figure out how best to play their hand in the midterm elections. The Tea Party has grown very tired of establishment GOP representation, but the population, in general, has grown quite weary of Tea Party shenanigans.

This week Eric Cantor learned just how counter-productive it can be to try to appease the most radical element in your party. And the numbers are in on what the American people now think of these Tea Radicals--they're not too popular anymore. This week they're not too popular with Eric Cantor, either.


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Tea popularity is now down to a 22 percent approval rating. That is definitely low enough to make Republicans nervous about the direction of the party, not to mention the outcome of the midterm elections. Think of it as Tea Fatigue. We all have apparently had just about enough Tea, thank you very much.

But what is all this going to mean for the midterms in November? Well, it is starting to look pretty good for Democrats. That may be overly optimistic, considering the history of midterm voting by Democrats, and the history of sitting administrations in their sixth year. But if you just look at what's happening, it's hard to be pessimistic these days.

The Republican establishment can't seem to please the radical right. The radical wing can't seem to please the nation. For fear of reprisals from the foamy-mouthed extremist element, the true conservatives for the moment remain largely in hiding. And any time someone from any corner of GOP-land unexpectedly says something obviously in earnest, it's an insult thrown at another sector of their own party, rather than the usual anti-Democrat stuff we have grown accustomed to at this juncture leading up to a national election. They are busy calling each other liberals. Their wild lurch to the radical right has practically pulled the wheels off the GOP. They are self-destructing. While it is pretty messy, it sure is fun to watch.

As ugly as the Republican Party has become, it didn't used to be this way, and those of us with a few years under our belts can remember better times, when being Republican wasn't such a ludicrously obstructionist undertaking. People disagreed and people overcame their disagreements. These days, it seems the only thing people can agree on is that the Tea Party can't get along with anyone.

Wild-eyed radicals have cut themselves off, and effectively left themselves out in the cold. As a nation, we have grown tired of the BS. Tea Fatigue has set in. And what a relief it is….

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