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Two years after he son commit suicide rather than face a D.C. sex scandal, Brit Hume demonstrated that his lust for slut shaming continued unabated.


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It was hard to miss what Brit Hume was trying to say. The sex lives of suicide victims are sooo funny. And Hillary Clinton is a lying adultress. And he made that point less than two years after his son, Sandy, killed himself rather than face a D.C. gay sex scandal.

There is no reason to believe that Hume or any of his cohorts, will be any less sleazy as we approach the 2016 election season.

Here is a taste of what we all have in store for us over the next few years.


Fox News: Special Report with Brit Hume
19 January 2000

HUME: Now, Mrs. Clinton, radio interview in Buffalo. We listened to it earlier, but I think we'll do so again here just to get some feel from you and reaction from you all about whether we're going to see more of this kind of thing or hear more of this kind of thing and what the political effect of it is. Let's listen to this. This is WGR -- GAR -- WGR radio.


TOM BAUERLE, WGR-AM: You were on television last night talking about your relationship with the president, Bill Clinton. Have you ever been sexually unfaithful to him? And specifically, the stories about you and Vince Foster -- any truth in those?

HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON, FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES: Well, you know, Tom, I do hate you for that because, you know, those questions I think are really out of bounds. And everybody who, you know, knows me, knows the answers to those questions. You know, I just...

BAUERLE: Is the answer no?

CLINTON: Well, yes. Of course it's no. But it's an inappropriate question.


HUME: First of all, is she -- it should be said, by the way, that he said "You're going to hate me for this," and I clipped it off at the top because I was still yapping. But he said, "You're going to hate me," so that's what she was responding to. And it's not at all clear that she would -- that she meant that in those direct terms. But -- but...

KONDRACKE: No, she -- I -- she clearly...

HUME: But is she right about it being an inappropriate question?

KONDRACKE: Yes! Of course it's an inappropriate question. What earthly does it have to do with being a senator from New York?

BARNES: Well, I wouldn't dismiss it that lightly, but it is an inappropriate question. And look, if she thinks it's inappropriate, there's a good way to deal with it, and that's just not answer it. That's all she has to do, say, "Look, I'm not going to answer that stuff." After a while, people will stop asking. This is only going to encourage reporters to start asking about things which they might have asked about anyway.

LIASSON: Well, you know...

BARNES: The famous cattle futures deal, where she supposedly for $1,000 made $100,000, things at the Rose law firm...

HUME: Yeah, she did better than Torricelli.

LIASSON: I don't think that -- I think regardless of what she said to that answer, she's still going to get all those questions. This is part of running for Senate. It's part of running for Senate in New York. I think Mrs. Clinton handled that about as well as anybody could have. She said it was inappropriate. I think the vast majority of voters would agree with her. And then she said no.

You know, she's going to -- now that she's...

HUME: Does anybody...


HUME: Mara, let me ask you this question. Do you believe her?

LIASSON: Do I believe her? I have absolutely no way to know whether she had an affair with Vince Foster or not. I have...

HUME: That's not a yes.


LIASSON: I mean, I...

HUME: That's not a yes. Well, you -- one way would be that she told you and you believed her.

LIASSON: You know, yeah, I believe her. I mean, I have no information on either side.

HUME: Mara, do you believe her, or are you taking the position that you believe her?


LIASSON: I guess I'm taking the position -- I really don't know how to respond to that because I have no way of knowing.

HUME: Mara, I'm sorry. It was...

LIASSON: But I do agree with her...

HUME: Mara, I apologize.

LIASSON: ... that it's inappropriate.

HUME: It was an inappropriate question.

KONDRACKE: You know, but what I don't understand is why is she answering all these questions now? The only thing I can figure out is that she was losing the women's vote. The way to win back the women's vote is to be -- is to revert to the posture of the loyal, faithful victim wife.

That -- that's...

HUME: What do you think, Fred? That's an interesting theory.

BARNES: Well, if they aren't -- look, everybody knows that she's the loyal, faithful victim wife. She's played that role. It isn't that everybody's forgotten about it. They just don't think -- talk about inappropriate, it looks like about 60 percent of the voters in New York think she's an inappropriate Senate candidate.

HUME: All right.

BARNES: And that's her problem. But she is going to get all these -- all these questions, and I say again, the way to deal with it is, if you think they're inappropriate, don't answer them...

HUME: But...

BARNES: ... and soon the press will stop asking.

HUME: But what about the -- but it -- is not Mort right -- isn't Mort's instinct right about this, that if she comes across as the victim, that that has traditionally -- I mean, that has had a long history of kind of helping her...

BARNES: That works, but she...

HUME: ... in the polls.

BARNES: No, but that only works, Brit, when she's not being political.

HUME: Oh, I got you.

BARNES: What...

LIASSON: Well...

BARNES: She's out in the Senate race being political. That's the thing that drops her -- her...

KONDRACKE: Well, but she's got...

BARNES: ... her favorability...

LIASSON: Well, I don't think...

BARNES: ... down.

LIASSON: I don't think that she portrayed herself a victim in that answer that we just heard. Now, I think one thing that could help her is if she gets a barrage of these kinds of questions, and Rudy Giuliani gets none of them, then it might look like the press is unfairly piling on Mrs. Clinton.

HUME: Yeah, well, we'll ask her...

BARNES: It would take a lot of questions to get to that point!

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