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There is a new name to me who'll be testifying for Fishman's grand jury and she seems really cool.  

Yesterday there was confirmation that Foye's testified already:

Port Authority Executive Director Pat Foye — a New York appointee who reopened the Fort Lee access lanes to the George Washington Bridge in September and called the decision to close them potentially illegal — has testified before a federal grand jury investigating the closings, a knowledgeable source said. - See more at: http://www.northjersey.com/...
Foye is among up to a half-dozen current Port Authority officials who have been summoned by federal prosecutors from the office of New Jersey’s U.S. Attorney, Paul Fishman, suggesting that the pace of the investigation has quickened in recent weeks.

One of the employees called to testify is Arielle Schwarz, who was a special assistant to David Wildstein, the former Port Authority executive and onetime ally of Governor Christie who oversaw the lane closures, two sources said. Phillip Kwon, the agency’s first deputy general counsel, has also been subpoenaed, although it is unclear if he has testified.

- See more at: http://www.northjersey.com/...

There isn't agreement on whether he testified before Drewniak, and no one noticed, or if his appearance before the legislative committee was delayed so that he could first testify for the feds.
One of the sources said Foye testified before the grand jury early this month, but details about that testimony were not available. Foye declined to comment on Friday.
- See more at: http://www.northjersey.com/...

The other had a different version:

Foye had been scheduled to appear before a panel of New Jersey lawmakers investigating the bridge scandal earlier this week, but federal prosecutors in New Jersey requested that his appearance be postponed so that he could first testify before the grand jury, another source said. The legislative committee, which does not have the power to level criminal charges, agreed late last month to push back Foye’s appearance until June and said that he had a “scheduling conflict.” - See more at: http://www.northjersey.com/...
We can assume that anyone who testifies before the legislature has already testified for Fishman, and if they needed immunity they got it. We assume Wildstein has immunity since he was with Fishman several days, and it only take a few moments to plead the 5th, but it isn't likely he's been before the Grand Jury, seems that would have been 'spotted.'

Arielle was Wildstein's assisant, but she's still working at the Port Authority.  

One of the employees called to testify is Arielle Schwarz, who was a special assistant to David Wildstein, the former Port Authority executive and onetime ally of Governor Christie who oversaw the lane closures, two sources said. Phillip Kwon, the agency’s first deputy general counsel, has also been subpoenaed, although it is unclear if he has testified.

- See more at: http://www.northjersey.com/...

She was in that list of 18 called by the legislature, but I didn't take notice:
Chris Christie for Governor, the governor's re-election campaign
Christie's office
Regina Egea, director of the authorities unit, governor's office
Nicole Crifo, senior counsel to the authorities unit, governor's office
Jeanne Ashmore, director of constituent relations, governor's office
Rosemary Iannacone, director of operations, governor's office
Barbara Panebianco, executive assistant to Bridget Anne Kelly, governor's office
Custodian of records, State Police aviation unit
William "Pat" Schuber, commissioner at the Port Authority
Bill Baroni, former deputy executive director at the Port Authority
Custodian of records, Port Authority
Steve Coleman, deputy director of media relations, Port Authority
Phillip Kwon, deputy general counsel, Port Authority
John Ma, chief of staff to Executive Director Patrick Foye, Port Authority
Matthew Bell, special assistant to former Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni, Port Authority
Gretchen DiMarco, assistant to Baroni, Port Authority
Arielle Schwarz, special assistant to former Director of Interstate Capital Projects David Wildstein, Port Authority
Mark Muriello, assistant director of Tunnels, Bridges & Terminals, Port Authority


Here's her job description (from:  https://www.linkedin.com/...)
Handle extremely high-level confidential documents and maintain extensive filing system
Coordinate all aspects of Director’s calendar and prepare material for Director’s meetings
Answer and direct telephone calls for multiple senior executives
Excel in a high-pressure, fast-paced environment
Review all mail correspondence (email, internal, and external)
Prepare Director’s book for monthly Board of Commissioners meeting
Process and track timekeeping for Deputy Executive Director unit
Provide daily administrative support for Deputy Executive Director
Compile daily afternoon media news clippings sent out to entire agency
Monitor daily Twitter activity related to PANYNJ and compile daily Twitter highlights for Director using TweetDeck
Plus she's a beauty consultant:
• Sampled and reviewed luxury beauty products for beautyinthebag.com
• Interviewed cosmetic and medical experts for ‘Beauty Gurus’ section of website
• Managed Twitter and Facebook accounts for four beauty brands using HootSuite
• Researched and created original content for Twitter accounts read by 3,500+ followers
And a beauty queen (she seems to have a left-leaning fun personality).  Here's her on twitter:


She follows our MSNBC favorites, Maddow, Hayes, and Korniack, and she follows the Clinton's and the Obama's, and also ... Chris Christie.  


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It seems that she's Wildstein's 'Renna,' (or Kelley's Schwartz.') but I bet she likes Wildstein and that she's being called by Fishman to confirm Wildstein's testimony, as I would think was Kwon.

So, looks like Fishman is getting the story down and that last calls for immunity are nearly or clearly over.

It does seem like Barnoi missed the cut, but that Stepien may beat Kelley and Samson before the bars close.

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