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In a prior diary, I wrote about Shaughnessy Naughton, Democratic candidate for the PA-8 Congressional seat.  I am thrilled by her candidacy, as she represents a reality-based environmentally-friendly Progressive.  She has also shown admirable elbow grease, working the hustings HARD.

I think she has a real shot at beating the originally DCCC-supported (and IMHO, somewhat more lackluster) candidate Kevin Strouse.  

Below the squiggle, some exciting updates on the race, and why this is a key one to watch, both now and moving forwards towards the general election.


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First, some background:

PA-8 is a swing district in an important battleground state - comprised of Philadelphia suburbs and exurbia, the district is currently represented by Mike Fitzpatrick (R), who has not been a perpetual lock - he lost the seat to Democrat Patrick Murphy in both 2006 and 2008.  In addition, it should be noted that Governor Corbett (R) is up for re-election this cycle, and is highly vulnerable - the gubernatorial election should hopefully bring out more Democratic voters who want to send him packing.

For more background, check out my prior diary on the district here. Also, it's worth checking out an excellent primer on the PA districts written by Dkos diarist Liberty Equality Fraternity and Trees, at this link here.

OK, now for the awesome updates:

Shaughnessy Naughton, originally the underdog in the race (and who doesn't love underdog stories?), facing the DCCC-blessed candidate and originally less well funded, has made tremendous gains... including the following recent endorsements:

The Philadelphia Inquirer - May 8th:
Link to endorsement

Kevin Strouse's background as an Army Ranger and CIA analyst suggests relevant experience in national security matters. But scientist and businesswoman SHAUGHNESSY NAUGHTON's grasp of a broad range of issues would make her a better match for Fitzpatrick in the fall. So would the Plumstead Township native's roots in the district compared with Strouse, who moved to Bensalem last year.

A chemist, Naughton runs counter to Congress' dangerous and sometimes deliberate ignorance of science. She has argued for disclosure of the chemicals used in natural-gas extraction to ensure that drinking water is protected. She would also push to close the nation's innovation deficit by supporting federal research and development funding.

Previous Governor Ed Rendell - May 14th
Link to story of his endorsement

Philadelphia Gay News - May 15th
Link to endorsements list

Other organizational endorsements (source: Naughton campaign) -

• EMILY’s List
• Sheet Metal Workers Local 19
• Women’s Campaign Fund
• Women Under Forty PAC
• Tri-State Maxed-Out Women’s PAC
• Progressive Kick PAC
• Democratic Advancement PAC
• National Organization for Women (NOW)
• Liberty City LGBT Democratic Club

Some of the positions I really like in candidate Naughton:

* strong anti-fracking, pro-environment stance
* unabashedly pro-science and pro-reality based government
* strong supporter of social justice and equality

If you live in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Naughton could use your help - both boots on the ground to perform crucial GOTV, and financial support:

contribute to Naughton campaign

You can also contact her campaign team at (215) 458-7890.  If you have family or friends in PA-8, tell them to get out and vote in the May 20th Primary; 2014 is a crucial election cycle here in Pennsylvania.

Please join me in supporting a wonderful progressive who will make a terrific newly minted Congressional Representative in January, 2015!

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Originally posted to ERdoc in PA on Sat May 17, 2014 at 06:59 PM PDT.

Also republished by Philly Kos and DKos Pennsylvania.

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