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A lot of questions in this story, but not many answers because:

The school district failed to return multiple calls on Saturday. Sorg's district email has been disabled and several concerned parents emailed asking 7NEWS to look into the issue deeper.
To sum up, to the best of my understanding:

1. Douglas County School Board sets teacher performance rating standards

2. Rock Ridge Elementary in Castle Rock performs too well so DougCo performs "unskewing" of results (as their Walmart bosses set the example before them).

3. Community alerts media. School Board suspends principal.

4. An anonymous phone call alerts the community to the principal's suspension.

5. As seen above, the Board responds by shutting down e-mail contact and not answering the phone.

Links after the jump.


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So it started with this KMGH story on Friday:

Larsen would not elaborate on how the scores compared to other schools in the district, but parents say the teachers at Rock Ridge scored above average. The model bases raises on evaluation results and market-based salary criteria.

"They created the evaluations, they hired the principal who gave the evaluations [and] then they don't trust them," Ellenberger said.

So basically, DougCo being a bought & paid for school think experiment for Walmart heirs, took their marching orders from the Walmart execs and the GOP - they're not lying about the results, they're unskewing them.

Today, KMGH followed up their story with the news of an anonymous phone call going out to the community to alert them of the administrative leave of the principal and the DougCo School Board pulling up the proverbial drawbridge.

On Saturday, some parents like Jen Johnson, received an anonymous voicemail that said in part, "What the news failed to report, you may not even know yet, but Amber has been put on administrative leave for insubordination... I would let the news know the rest of the story."

"The voicemail says she's been put on leave because we brought the news [to the school]," Johnson said.

Douglas County School Board President, Kevin Larsen, said on Friday the evaluations did not match up with the final score given to some teachers. He failed to mention, however, the principal was put on leave.

Please, do yourself a favor and listen to the anonymous call in the second report.  This would be entertaining as performance art but as an example for the current state of Colorado schools it is sickening.

Remember, like a destructive fungus they're spreading to Jefferson County next.

We have to pay attention every moment - what they say is often not what they do. Thankfully I had great teachers, just like the ones teaching my kids today. Thank you for reading - here's a song.

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