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I think the basic message spelled out in tonight's verticals is one which has been used before in a Sunday Puzzle. But it's a message worth repeating.

I probably won't be able to join in tonight's puzzle party. (I'm away from home this week, and probably won't get home until late Monday.) But I'm look forward to being part of the solving party next week when pucklady will be hosting our monthly potluck puzzle party.

Have fun with tonight's puzzle, and I'll see you at next week's potluck!


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Here are the clues for tonight's JulieCrostic.

If you're not familiar with JulieCrostics you can find complete instructions (and a practice puzzle) in last night's Sunday Puzzle Warm-Up.

As usual it's wise to beware of mischief from the Sunday Puzzle gremlins, who love to alter the capitalization, punctuation, and occasionally even the word spacing of clues -- and who bundle the clues into tidy little groups of 3 regardless of how many answers there actually are in the rows.

 1. merry little green "G"
 2. movies from 1976, 1978, and 1981
 3. serious
4.  kind
 5. stimulate
 6. justice
 7. worry about
 8. he wasn't a communist, just a Canadian
 9. starts up suddenly
10. one who lacks good manners
11. one who lacks emotions
12. start again
13. swerve
14. slippers
15. beach or car
16. become disillusioned with and hostile to
17. search high and low
18. kangaroo family
19. high speed, for instance
20. Cliff's wife
21. kind of salt
22. prevents
23. male swine
24. shady places
25. DC snowball
26. insufficient
27. shenanigans
28. tense
29. mock
30. famous fictional storm
31. famous fictional trail
32. manufacturer
33. 2006 (in relation to first of two)
34. great Chicago, Savannah, or Seattle
35. leaflet
36. ransacks
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