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When Gil Scott Heron wrote "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised," few people could imagine the complete corporate control of the media.


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Heron wrote during the end game of Viet Nam, which was the first war brought live into American living rooms at six and ten PM. Seeing the horrors on live TV turned the public against the war, and the politicians who were waging it. The corporate right learned a lesson from this: it must never happen again.

In another Kos Diary, Egberto Willies writes:

A democracy requires a free independent press. The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution codifies that right. Unfortunately, while the press represented by the traditional media has the right to be free, it has chosen indentured servitude to the American plutocracy.
There are severe dangers to this choice, specifically that the traditional media has become the arm used to manufacture or hide real news. Many times it creates the path that makes the desired policy outcomes of the plutocracy tomorrow'™s reality.
The wholly corporate and Republican owned Tea Party (Big business meets big bigotry) descends on the National Mall with their 18th century costumes and manufactured outrage, it is the lead story on every network. Occupy Wall Street is first ignored, then  actively undermined by the media

Last week's fast food strikes in several cities across the country barely registered on the media radar screen. Upwards of 80,000 people turned out last February to protest the Republican agenda in the North Carolina statehouse, yet few people outside of the local coverage area have ever heard of Rev. William Barber or the Moral Monday  movement. The revolution will not be televised.

There is one thing that stands in their way; one thing that must be controlled or killed. I'm going to link to Joan McCarter's diary, because the speech by Al Franken she published explains it better than I can:

Net Neutrality is like the Bailey Building and Loan in Frank Capra's "Its a Wonderful Life." It is the only thing standing in the way of Mr. Potter's complete domination of the media.

It irks the Potter's of the world because it's something they can't get their hands on. Even with all Karl Rove's money, A humble KOS diary travels through the internet pipes with the same priority as a Crossroads GPS screed. The tweets of demonstrators in the streets reach your computer screen the same time as CNN and FOX News reporting.

Net Neutrality is the free speech issue of our time. If we lose on this one, we may as well change the sign at the town limits to "Welcome to Pottersville."

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