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The governor voted most likely to not be re-elected for a second term, Tom Corbett of PA, a republican, t bag supporter and benefactor of and to the fracking industry and environmental spoilers, spoke at the commencement of the class of 2013 at Pennsylvania's Millersville University last week. When he began his speech, some students-and several professors-stood, turned their chairs around and sat down with their backs toward the Governor. I applaud these students for graduating despite the governor and the GOP legislators who obstructed their efforts.

Ane when his speech ended, he was rewarded with dead silence. Corbett is known for cutting over $55 million from the entire state college system, cutting teachers and other staff...and continuing these cuts since 2011.


Corbett has nearly destroyed job opportunity in PA, along with the environment and social programs of all sorts, and is planning to privatize even more state services and cut pensions for all government workers while union busting wherever possible.

Corbett was also under investigation for delaying and blocking the PA state police investigation into the child rape case at Penn State when he was Attorney General. It seems several more kids were assaulted because of his delaying of the investigation...

Corbett is a pig by any standard and he is trying to stay in office by getting large outside donations to his campaign and assistance from Chris Christie, who visited PA and Corbett last week...

We must get our Democrats out to vote this November - we have a candidate in Tom Wolf who can beat Corbett, and we need to get some of the t bags out of our legislature to  help Wolf along...we must get these trash out of office to save and begin to restore our beautiful state.


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Originally posted to old mark on Mon Jun 09, 2014 at 09:42 AM PDT.

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