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Sounds way too familiar.  An incident in Las Vegas in which a wildly eccentric couple, shouting "This is the revolution!" opens gunfire in a restaurant, executing two on-duty police officers.  Moving on to a nearby Walmart, now armed additionally with the dead officers' weapons, they kill an innocent civilian before the woman of the couple kills her mate and then herself.  Shock, horror, grief, and, then what?


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The NRA needs new lyrics to sing, because their current theme song is getting pretty tiresome.  Following Newtown and the subsequent spate of mass shootings, the NRA has strummed on their one-stringed ukulele their "guns everywhere, guns for everyone, yeah, that's the ticket" refrain, cynically insisting that such a hymn will end gun violence by ... ensuring the presence of more guns.  I guess it makes sense to them.  Or if not, at least it makes money for them.

The state of Georgia was happy enough to oblige the NRA with recent legislation to this effect.  I'm personally confident that guns in churches (!), restaurants, bars, big-box stores, little-box stores, supermarkets, schools, ballet studios, sporting events, Victoria's Secrets, parking lots, Little League diamonds, massage parlors, casinos, car dealerships and other places can't help but to make everyone feel much, much safer, or maybe just more complete.  But I'm even more confident that the real result, sadly predictable, is that the real benefactors of NRA's campaign will be the gun manufacturers, who are what the NRA is actually about, in case you haven't noticed.

Perhaps this Las Vegas tragedy will underscore the NRA's obvious, ultimate, completely tricked-out and whored-out corruption.  The wanted more guns, and they've gotten more guns.  But look what happened to their theory in Las Vegas, as even the presence of two armed, uniformed, on-duty officers of the law did not even slightly deter two deranged partners in revolution from killing the two armed, uniformed, on-duty police officers and raging on to take the life of yet another innocent participant in life who was shopping next door.  All of them had families, friends, co-workers, neighbors who loved them, respected them, and relied on them.  Now the networks of the lost get to grieve, rage, and wonder why.

And yet, in our conscious minds, we know why.

There is plenty of discussion about mental health, gun laws, the anger in our society that we could still share, but those discussions always, ALWAYS culminate in the NRA, through their all-powerful lobbying and political reach, tamp down the activism and sheer public approval for change, and replace it with ... more guns.  Lobbying trumps logic.  The gun aficionados have empowered the NRA to soldier on with their perceived mission toward just this recent kind of tragic guns - mass shooting - more guns - more mass shooting spiral.

The best - and still horribly tragic - result that seems to precede every tear-soaked series of funerals is news that the perpetrator has killed himself (mostly) or herself.  Now I speak, attempting to channel my anger, to anyone who's considering staging one of these attention-getting murder-suicide rampages -- please, please, do the suicide part first.  And leave a note if you wish.

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Originally posted to Mr. Crisco Reports on Tue Jun 10, 2014 at 09:19 PM PDT.

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