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It was definitely a "New Day" and the CNN crack team was searching hard for a "balanced" view of Bowe-Taliban swap.  To be "balanced" -- to promote that brand-- the CNN team was sure happy to have a DEMOCRAT say something absurd about the "deal"

So here's the "go-to" move ...


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Chris the Anchor from CNN warned viewers in the teaser that the swap to save Bowe's life was looking "more complicated" every day.  Maybe it wasn't such a good deal after all, says he.  (I am paraphrasing)

And to prove it they bring in a real live Democratic Congressman (cue the oohs and the tsks) to say something blockbuster.  

Says Congressman Schiff (D-CA), "I read the agreement with the Qataries and there is NOTHING in there that guarantees that the Qatar government supervise, control, prevent the Taliban swapees from doing something bad in the future"  (Again I paraphrase)

But he adds, "I believe they are doing everything in their power to keep their commitment"  (paraphrase) He finishes with a hedge back to "but there are no guarantees in the document"

Here's a dude who loves the hedge.  

Well perhaps no one put the word "guarantee" in the document because it would have looked absurd on the written page.  More absurd than the statement on the television that there should be a written guarantee.  

So play it out:  Qatar "guarantees" that the 5 Taliban in their charge do no harm.  One of them returns to battle.  We are now ready to hold them to their guarantee that they signed.  "You have broken your guarantee, we say.   Its here on the sub-lease agreement that you signed."   For breaking their guarantee, we become entitled to what?  First born?  Money? Public shame?

CNN's brand of middle road is polished to a high shine when they get a Dem to say something "against the grain"   In this case that something happened to be idiotic.

So idiotic that CNN didn't even put the interview on its web page with all the other clips from the morning show.  

So I aint got a link.   If you find it, please put it in a reply.  Its good clean fun to watch.  

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