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2014 McCain "anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned"
National Journal is reporting that on the senate floor today John McCain said
"Every hour the options become fewer and fewer as ISIS, the most radical terrorist group alive, sweeps across Iraq," McCain said. He criticized Obama for declaring the Iraq war over and withdrawing troops before attaining "victory."
But, as is seen in McCain's 2010 tweet, McCain declared victory in Iraq and gave credit to Bush.

McCain is so insane he thinks he won the 2008 election and has forgotten that Obama kicked his ass in 2008 and then kicked Romney's ass in 2012.  National Journal is reporting that McCain got on the Senate floor demanding President Obama replace his national security team and put in McCain's picks.

Rightwing Hotair is reporting

McCain demanded the immediate resignation of the entire White House national security team, advising Barack Obama that he has been “ill served” by their advice and their decisions. McCain urged that anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned, which would include Obama himself, although McCain stopped short of that demand:
ooops ... old man McCain, urged that anyone who declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success should be canned ...from that 2010 Tweet, McCain should be canned as that tweet shows McCain declared the withdrawal from Iraq a success .... a "Victory" in fact.

LMFAO at the insanity and anger pent up inside that old demented man ...


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John McCain is a bitter old man who can only get erect dreaming of endless war.
John McCain has been humping his "surge" won the Iraq war for America for a hell of a long time.  The surge, in factual world, involved the United State paying ... literally paying ... the Sunni to not fight the Shiite.  

The surge involved the United States paying $150 million, in one year, to pay Sunni tribal groups.  Yeah, that's some surge man!

But, in warmonger-ville the old, former POW Johnny-boy McCain, thinks the surge won the Iraq War for America (LMFAO) so whatever happens in Iraq now is not our fault -- and not our business.  

In factual world, a place McCain never enters, the United States did not win any war in Iraq.  In 2003 U.S. went to war in search of imaginary WMD.  A few months later, when we all realized GW Bush and Dick Cheney falsified intel because they needed Congress to approve invading Iraq to search for imaginary WMD as a guise for ripping off Iraq's oil supply for the highest Corporate bidder -- is the moment we lost the GD war.

We lost the GD war because there were no WMD and there were no Bin Laden followers being harbored in Iraq. And to underscore the gravity of which the United States lost that GD war: we invaded Iraq in 2003 and al Quada was not there, but by 2006, al Quada had tremendous power in Iraq ... hmmmm ....

Stupid, insane John McCain is getting his blood pumping today screaming to anyone that will listen that his surge and his fucked up notion to leave U.S. troops in Iraq for ever and ever amen ... would have meant "victory."

Ok, that logic is screwed up.

If on the one hand McInsane is saying "we won the war!" then why is he saying we needed to leave troops in Iraq forever to get "victory?"  I know, McCain is an insane old man who lies through his disgusting yellow teeth and makes no sense so ... I'm not going to waste my time proving he's wrong because anyone with a functioning brain knows he's wrong and knows he's a liar.

Today Sam Stein pressed McCain on just how long he thinks the United States military should be stationed in a sovereign country and McCain cited U.S troops stationed in Germany, Japan, Korea, and Bosnia as having successfully stabilized regions American forces have previously occupied.

LMFAO!!!! WTF!!!!

John McCain's warmongering world, Germany, Japan, South Korea and Bosnia will go into a civil war if U.S. troops leave ... that old man is so out-of-touch with reality it's a wonder he can put his shoes on his feet.

John McCain doesn't know his knee from his nose so it's far too late for anyone to explain to John McCain that the United States has no legal authority to place their troops in any sovereign country if that sovereign country does not want U.S. troops.

But, back in reality world, we all know the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between Iraq and the United States, signed by President George W. Bush in 2008 mandated and established that U.S. combat forces would withdraw from Iraqi cities by June 30, 2009, and all U.S. forces will be completely out of Iraq by December 31, 2011.

So, Iraq said no residual forces allowed past 2011 and GW Bush agreed! But, John McCain is too GD dumb to understand legal things like that.

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