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This is going to be a short and sweet diary, because there is no point behind it beyond the obvious.

Three days ago, diaries began going up about HRC running in 2016.
In the days since, several of these "NO NO HRC" type diaries have appeared on the Rec list.  At the moment I right this, there are three on the Rec List.   There are numerous in the newly written.  I have no problem with it.. but can we give it a break for a while?  Take a pledge to say no more?

So, I just want to say this:   We are in an election cycle for 2014.   In the states I care about directly (because of residence) we have 3 Democrats who will put up real races in Kansas for the first time in.. well, decades.   And I'm telling you now don't be shocked if 1 or 2 of them -win-.  

In Missouri, we have several races that matter and I think there are a lot of opportunities there, especially at the state level for the state house of representatives.

In Arkansas, you have one of the best response campaigns I've seen with Mark Pryor.

Republicans are running a nutcase in Iowa in Ernst, giving Democrats a solid chance to grab that seat.

Mississippi may end up running McDaniels, and Democrats have a chance for a real 'Akin' moment there if that happens.

We talk about why Cantor lost, etc. but we have a historic opportunity to pick up a seat in a bright red republican district that was previously held by the house MAJORITY LEADER.

That's it.   This is 2014.   There are lots of races, events and candidates who need our attention.   Last I checked, HRC isn't running for anything from Dog Catcher to PTA President anywhere in the country this year.

But lots of Democrats are.   I would rather read a diary about any of the things above, about any Democrat actually running for something in a year where we can do something about it then waste a large debate one what is to like and not to like about HRC.

The day after elections in November, fine, we can all go there and debate it.

But at least for the next few months, give me more diaries like this one:


On action in Idaho, or Utah


Or yeah, I've written stuff on KS/Missouri (and so have others).   Diaries about a house race in Virginia, about Arkansas or Iowa.

There are big things at stake this year, and Republicans are handing us golden opportunities in states that a lot of the establishment would love to write off.  They are doing it at the state level, at the district level and at the federal level.  

Enough with debating HRC.   Get back to me when she's actually running for something.  Until then if you've got someone running a state-candidate in the most red area of Alaska, I am 1000% more interested in that then I am the ongoing HRC debate.


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Do you know your local YDA (young Democrats?)   You're local HSDA (High School Democrats?)  You're local candidate?  Your local Veterans Groups, Union Organizations, County Chairs?   Had a chance to sit down and talk to your state and local party members?  

For at least the next 5 months, 5 months is all I ask.. can we focus on trying to win actual races for people actually running This Year instead of feeding the right wing machine and attacking each other?

JMHO, YMMV of course.

8:05 PM PT: Update  I'm going to update this diary with a link, yep, to a diary I did earlier in the day.   The reason why I'm doing that is because within the comments it gets pointed out that we have to do this by actually doing it rather than just go meta.  

That's true.   So, I want to take a chance to point out that every single candidate in Kansas spoke to young Democrats.  And the only place to find that content, anywhere on the internet is here.   And those candidates stayed around to excite voters and to motivate people for 2012.  


Also, Missouri SoS gives one of the greatest statements about Medicaid Expansion I've heard:  "Medicaid Expansion is the greatest deal since the US bought your state for 3 cents on a dollar from the French."   Boom.   I love that line.   Will use it.

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