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stone crusher

In sensible manufacturing, the ores that go in to the grinding mill could be mixed with huge quantities of waste ores, which triggers the ore dilution and reduces the feeding grade. This may not only increase the load of ball mills as well as the manufacturing cost of ore grinding, but boost the volume of fine tailings. To fix the ore dilution and make improvements to the program capability of producing iron concentrate, to the basis of ample demonstration and experiment, SBM Machinery improves the component hyperlinks in the present production course of action and adds a stage of moist magnetic coarse separation perform in advance of the fine goods go into ball mills.
Following the ores that go into ball mills are changed into coarse magnetic concentrate, the water articles in the fed-in products is going to be 20% greater than that of fine merchandise, for that reason, if your feedwater quantity in the ball mill just isn't controlled, the first-stage grinding density will considerably lessen. To stabilize the initial grinding density and assure the product or service fineness, it's a good idea to adopt the system of controlling the washing water for the return sand to make sure the grinding density.
gold sands screening machine

With wet type coarse magnetic separation, the grade from the iron ore that may be fed in to the milling gear is enhanced by about 5%, along with the production capacity of ore concentrate is improved by about 10%, therefore wonderful lowering the output of fine tailings and properly lowering the production value of the iron focus. Also, furthermore, it solves the disposal trouble of fine tailing sand, and that is conducive to your stability of quarrying, ore beneficiation and filling skill and realize zero-waste and clean production.
On the other hand, you'll find still numerous other difficulties that have to have your interest inside the coarse-particle magnetic separation technology:
(1) Timely learn the residence change from the fine particles in order to avoid fierce fluctuation of your grade on the crude ores. copper tailings reprocessing

(2) As the feeding granularity of the moist form coarse magnetic separation is coarse, the abrasion of your cylinder surface and the chute from the magnetic separator is quick, for this reason, the cylinder can adopt wear-resisting ceramics paster to prolong the service life with the cylinder, and it truly is vital to spend interest the abrasion situation of your gear.
(three) The magnetic tail screening equipment adopts stick linear vibrating display with poor screening effect, thus influencing the stability in the full method. Then we will opt for substantial frequency screen and polychlorostyrene ester screen net, which could not just make improvements to the screening impact, but considerably lengthen the service life of the display net.


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