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Summer has just started in the Northern Hemisphere, with the June Solstice this past Saturday.* And with Summer comes the annual trek to summer camp.  But no campfires, marshmallows, twigs, creepy-crawlies, sleeping bags or poison oak for me.  Nope.  Soft beds, mini-fridges, fresh bars of designer soaps and tiny bottles of shampoo daily, plus--new this year Campers!--room service.

 photo OEP_Hyatt_Regency_sfobu_zps9865fc8e.jpg

*The "start" of Summer, and yet, ironically,  from now until the next Solstice in December, the days are getting shorter.

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For years I've thoroughly enjoyed going to conferences, for work--or for my church denomination.  Thoroughly!  I'd volunteer when no one else wanted to go.  The closest I can get to an explanation is that it is, for me at least, a lot like sleep-away camp, but without the various humiliations I felt I suffered at camp as a child (the swimming competitions, the crafts-making, the singing, the you-name-it.)

This week was the California-Nevada Annual Conference for my denomination--and it was held at the Hyatt Regency near the SF Airport.  OK, it's not that far from the ejoanna homestead (about an hour plus) but it felt as if I was getting away, even if only from responsibilities at home (which fell to Mr. eJ.) I pretty much like the meetings, seeing other delegates I haven't seen in a year (easier to be nice to them!  Once a year!), the tote bags and badges, the pop-up book store, the voting, the debating, even the internecine squabbling that arises from time to time.

Plus, a really nice hotel room, with two big beds, all for me.  Room service (just once; I tried not to feel too decadent, but "room service" just wasn't in my family's vocabulary.  So I, uh, bucket-listed it for this conference.  Yum.  And, yes, kinda decadent.)  A modern, shiny bathroom and lots o' fluffy towels.  And maid service.  Which is NOT available ever chez ejoanna.  Never, let me repeat.

I'm home now.  The hubby did hold down the fort, but somehow there still remains a certain backup of dishes, laundry, garden chores . . .  Oh well.  I did get away.  And I did my part to advance the progressive agenda of my Protestant "brand", and soak in the good vibes of a huge ballroom full of my extended church family.

Plus, I had a fabulous Mojito.  Amen!
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