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Hateism. It's really a word, look it up! Let's apply it appropriately. When you tune into Fox, 97% of the time you are going to see one of their hosts displaying "Hateism" towards Obama or Democrats. This is how they lead off on almost all their shows. Like attack dogs on a short leash they gnash their teeth, clench their jaws and I swear, some of them even start drooling. Most of the shows lead off with these two words, "President Obama." Then it's like listening to "Who let the dogs out, WOOF, WOOF!!"

Let's take one show for example. THE FIVE, which comes on at 5:00 EST, hosted by seven rotating Fox contributors, Bob Beckel, Eric Bolling, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld and Andrea Tanteros and Juan Williams.


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The ones on the right wear their infinite hatred of our sitting POTUS and Democrats on their sleeves, like where a Liberal might wear his or her "bleeding heart." And if you haven't seen the show, guess what? There are always four righties to only one Democrat. It's an interesting strategy to watch four against one. Safety in numbers, you know. Right? Fair and Balanced, eh? The four right winger's (they don't even deserve to be called Republicans as they are so are so close to the edge of falling off the earth) usually gang up on the Democrat's comments, shout him down, laugh loudly or whatever it takes for him not to be able to finish his sentence and be heard. This generally occurs after you hear a "Well, Bob, what do you think?" Oh, the irony.

The Democrat on the show I'm talking about is Bob Beckel. He was the campaign manager for Walter Mondale ..... back when Mondale ran for President against Reagan. I actually voted for the guy, but I don't think any Presidential candidate has ever been beaten so badly. But, back to Bob. He's a smart guy, but I wonder if he signed a contract limiting him to what he can actually say. I've never heard him lead off the show with a political subject of interest like the other's do. Instead, he gets the puff pieces that are rarely political, like talking about a celebrity he's never even heard of. He should be leading with the latest Chris Christie investigation with the SEC! That is only one of the scandals Christie is now involved in. But, Fox won't report anything if a Republican is involved. Fair and Balanced? Bob's usual replacement is Juan Williams. Juan is a bit more out spoken and you can tell he's armed with the facts.  Hopefully, he'll bring up the Christie/ SEC scandal!! Juan gets under the skin of The Four so I love it when he's on. He especially seems to get on Dana Perino's last nerve. Let me tell you ...... I've never witnessed so much eye rolling. Well, except maybe when my daughter was twelve years old and didn't get her way.

Kimberly Guilfoyle is the lovely lady with the hair extensions and the "Sarah Palin Hair Bump-it" (it's a mechanism that poof's up the back of women's hair, combined with a lot of teasing and hair spray). She sits at the end of table some refer to as the "leg table." She is very vocal and if everyone doesn't agree with her she has been known to raise her voice and literally throw a hissy fit. Like today, 6/25/2014 when she was yelling at Bob for disparaging Dick Cheney (she said, I think he was merely telling the truth)  ...... even though she does it to Obama and Hillary every chance she gets. Hypocrisy at it's finest! When there is some bad news to report (like the numbers on the economy this quarter), expect KG to lead off with that kind of story all the while she's smiling from ear to ear and chuckling as she's reading the tele-prompter. Does she want America to fail? Apparently. And yes, this is the same Kimberly that fact checkers have pointed out as telling the most lies on that show. For those of us who watch other news channels, we realize that it's not uncommon for a Fox Host to make things up as they go. I don't think the hosts at Fox realize there is a multitude of paid and non-paid Fact Checkers ticking off their lies on a daily basis. However, we must be fair and realize Fox News Hosts are not real journalists, otherwise they would have researchers and be able to use the Internet!

On to Eric Bolling .... who used to work on Wall St. He claims he is a Libertarian, but his views often collaborate with those of Republican extremists. He's the financial expert on several Fox shows and is also one of the biggest exaggerators on television. Quite a few years ago I also had a Series 7 license and worked in the financial sector as an independent contractor in Germany, working with the Air Force and Army members. In other words, I was an investor. But hey, I didn't know that qualified me to be a financial expert on a TV show!!

And then there is poor Greg Gutfeld. He often reads his rants from a tele-prompter and seems to have an odd analogy for just about everything. "Don't tell me it's orange when it's sherbet!" He's the comic behind the politics. He would be funny ... if indeed he was funny. But, he's not.

Dana Periono .... she was a press secretary for GW Bush. Yes, the one that said there were no terrorism attacks under GW Bush. She's probably the biggest hypocrite on the show, too. Even though she makes some good points while disparaging Democrats, often the same scenario happened under the Bush administration. Does she think those of us who are political junkies forgot? Does she think we are stupid or does she ever wonder about her own credibility? Guess not.

And last there's Andrea Tanteros. She also gets to sit at the end of the "leg table" when Kimberly isn't on the show. She was most recently a radio host, but lost that gig (wonder why?). She takes aim at President Obama and Hillary Clinton daily. Rant after rant asking the other hosts, "don't you think so, too?" She's been a fill in for Sean Hannity, so you can only imagine how low one must stoop in the political world of lying and "Hateism" of our President .... to get that spot! When she talks about Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, you can almost see her finger nails turn into cat claws and her teeth into fangs. ::hiss::

Cat fight, anyone? Catch today's show where Kimberly lost her cool because Eric and Bob wouldn't agree her logic that Dick Cheney was just a marvelous, marvelous man and wouldn't retire because he puts his country first. I say, "Pfftttttt! Cheney will only show his face on Fox News because he knows he is responsible for the war in Iraq and the deaths of our US military there. No matter how hard he tries to convince us otherwise, to millions of us, Cheney is merely a war criminal who should be in prison. Maybe GITMO, where he said it was a tropical paradise."

Stay tuned for my analysis of why you keep hearing Fox say they are the number one rated cable news show. I will tear those numbers to shreds!  

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