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Ten pounds of potatoes
some water
boil potatoes til done
run cold water over taters a while
drain water off
peel taters
back in the pot with more water
add whatever frozen meats you have:
I had two turkey thighs,
six turkey neck pieces
and some ground turkey (like rubber)
add veggies you have in frig
I had
shredded carrots

This is done in a 4 gallon stainless steel pot,
3/4 full,
in three gallons of food I added
3 tablespoons of salt
1 tablespoon of MSG
2 tablespoons of black pepper
2 tablespoons of garlic

Boil like crazy,
so the meat gets done.

My source of heat for the boiling like crazy,
and other random musings,
below the divider doodle.


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I used a barbecue grill,
in the backyard,
but I did not use propane gas,
I did not use charcoal;
I used firewood,
like in Boy Scouts.

This old house we live in,
my family and I,
was built in 1950.

I'm a white man in a black neighborhood,
and this "hood"
is old,
many houses in bad condition,
many fixed up extra nice,
a few completely abandoned.

I used dead limbs,
and limbs I cut myself,
in the three years I've lived here,
and some dead limbs from the vacant back yard next door.

My wife and I saved the life
of the old man who owns
the vacant house next door;
he was unresponsive,
laying on a makeshift bed,
on his living room floor,
but he wasn't sleeping.

We called 911 for an ambulance.

That was more than a year ago;
the old man must be in a nursing home;
windows are broken out,
no one has come to fix anything.

So I used some dead limbs from the back yard.

We got rid of two dogs yesterday.

They were nice dogs,
named Ciera and Cinnamon.

Ciera liked to jump straight up,
as high as she could,
all the time,
just for fun.

I spent last winter,
carrying them in,
one by one,
when it was too cold for them outside.

in the morning,
I had to carry them back out again.

No one else in the house wanted to do it.

It was a lot of work.

None of my family felt they were worth such effort.

Then the neighbors started complaining lately.

I'd built a new dog house for them,
from scratch,
insulated like a human house.

I wanted to put the new dog house
in a different part of the yard,
away from the neighbors.

The complaining neighbor suggested
I put the new dog house
in the back yard next door,
and move the dogs into the back yard next door.

I did exactly that.

And yet,
after I did exactly what he suggested,
the dogs got out of the fence,
more than once,
and the neighbor finally called the dog catcher,
and the dogs are gone for good.

The oil will run out,
around the year 2050,
and there will be no more food in the food stores,
and 300 million Americans will die,
and most folks in my hood will die.

Those who survive,
even if the electricity and gas are still on,
might still want to cook in their back yards,
since each surviving family
will have many back yards to pick from,
when gathering firewood.

And a blazing fire
boils the food like crazy.

I won't be cooking
in my back yard
on the 4th of July.

My wife has cancer,
and the surgery to remove the cancer
is scheduled for the 3rd.

My first wife, Pam,
died in 2008,
after 30 years of marriage.

So this is a stressful time for me.

And even more for my wife, Tonia,
since she'll be the one on the table,
under the knife,
as they say.

Thanks for reading
my random musings.

And think of us,
when you think of cooking outdoors,
or the end of grocery stores,
or marriage,
or love.

Think about us,
on the fourth of July.

My Tonia and I holding hands,
as she recovers from surgery.

Thanks again.

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