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Just wanted to remind everyone how much Bruce Rauner (R. IL) sucks:


Illinois voters approve a November ballot advisory question to increase the state’s minimum wage, that alone will not be enough for Bruce Rauner to push for an increase if he’s elected governor.

The Republican candidate for governor said in an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times on Wednesday that even if a majority of voters say they support an increase in Illinois’ minimum wage, it should not be enacted without a series of pro-business reforms.

“As I’ve said all along, I absolutely will support raising the minimum wage in Illinois, but I want to insist that it be included with business reform, workers comp reform, tax rate reduction and tort reform,” Rauner said. “Then I will advocate for it.”

Asked how he thought he could get the immense package of measures through the state Legislature, the Winnetka venture capitalist said: “I think it’s very doable. I will be working closely with the general assembly.” - Quincy Journal, 6/26/14

I can't say I'm surprised because lets not forget this about Rauner:


Rauner, a wealthy venture capitalist from Winnetka, famously flip-flopped on the topic while seeking the GOP nomination for governor. In December, he vowed that, should he be elected, he'd slash the minimum wage by $1 to make it even with the $7.25-per-hour federal rate.

Weeks later, Rauner backtracked on his remarks, telling the Chicago Tribune: "I made a mistake. I was flippant and I was quick. I should have said, 'Tie the Illinois minimum wage to the national wage and, in that context, with other changes in being pro-business, I support raising the national minimum wage.' I’m OK with that."

Responding to Rauner's latest comments, Quinn's campaign stated, "It's heartless. Sadly, it looks like nothing has changed except that Rauner is now trying to make his opposition to raising the minimum wage more politically palatable.”

The "heartless" attack certainly stings Team Rauner, effectively casting the businessman as an out-of-touch Scrooge McDuck versus the down-to-earth, corruption-crusading Everyman he purports himself to be. - NBC Chicago, 6/26/14

Rauner's opposition gives Quinn ammunition:


In a press release sent out at roughly the same time as the signing ceremony in Pilsen, the Quinn campaign ripped Republican opponent Bruce Rauner, accusing him of opposing a minimum wage increase.

Rauner has flip-flopped on the issue. During the primary campaign, Rauner said he was in favor of cutting the state’s $8.25 hourly minimum, the Chicago Sun-Times reported in January. Then recordings surfaced of Rauner saying he “adamantly, adamantly” opposed raising the minimum wage. After those comments went public, Rauner attempted to clarify that. And he later stated that he supports raising the minimum wage, if it’s increased nationwide or if it’s tied to a package of pro-business reforms in Illinois.

Quinn advocated raising the minimum wage, but the issue failed to get enough support in Springfield. In the end, House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, marshalled through the General Assembly the advisory measure that Quinn signed Sunday. The idea is that if enough voters support the referendum, Democratic lawmakers, who were unsure about backing the increase, would feel more comfortable casting a “yes” vote. - Chicago Sun-Times, 6/22/14

Quinn also been hitting Rauner on his plan end some corporate tax breaks:


Quinn told reporters Thursday that he's worked on several of the ideas for years. The Chicago Democrat says closing tax loopholes has been a goal.

Rauner's plan calls for capping a program that provides tax credits for companies to keep jobs in Illinois. He also says Illinois should end tax breaks for the oil industry and a sales tax exemption for newsprint and ink, among others.

The Winnetka businessman has called it his proposal for "corporate welfare reform."

Quinn made a dig at the wealthy venture capitalist Thursday, saying it was aptly named because Rauner is a "beneficiary of corporate welfare." - Crain's Chicago Business, 6/26/14

Quinn's not the only one going after Rauner:


An Illinois teachers group has donated $325,000 to a union-backed super PAC whose main agenda is to defeat Republican Bruce Rauner's campaign for governor.

On June 18 the Illinois Federation of Teachers COPE submitted the six-figure contribution to the Illinois Freedom PAC, which adopted the slogan "Bruce Rauner Can't Be Trusted" and funded a series of anti-Rauner TV spots during the Republican primary earlier this year. (View three such ads below.)

Illinois Freedom PAC posted the offering Tuesday. Last week, the organization received an additional $300,000 from the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

With the Nov. 4 gubernatorial election on the horizon, the pressure is on for Democratic incumbent Pat Quinn to match Rauner's growing, partly self-financed war chest (which now includes a record-breaking $2.5 million courtesy of Chicago hedge funder Ken Griffin). - NBC Chicago, 6/26/14

And you West Wing fans will appreciate this:


Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn received the endorsement today of Hollywood actor Martin Sheen, who credited his support to the governor’s push to increase the minimum wage.

Sheen, a long-time Democratic activist and workers’ rights advocate, praised Quinn who is in a tough political battle with wealthy Republican businessman Bruce Rauner.

Sheen wrote, “I’ve been an actor all my life — that’s what I do for a living. But activism is what I do to stay alive. Not that long ago, I was able to join Governor Quinn in Chicago to speak out about one of the most important issues facing our country today: raising the minimum wage.”

The star of “Apocalypse Now,” “The Departed,” and TV’s “The West Wing,” called Quinn “a friend” and said the governor has “always fought the good fight — and we’re in a real fight right now to raise the minimum wage in Illinois.” - Illinois News Network, 6/25/14

This is going to be a tight race and there's a lot at stake.  Lets make sure Quinn is ready to go for November.  Click here to donate and get involved with his campaign:

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Originally posted to pdc on Thu Jun 26, 2014 at 02:04 PM PDT.

Also republished by In Support of Labor and Unions, The Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party, Chicago Kossacks, and Land of Lincoln Kos.

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