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A new poll shows what most Kansans have already figured out- the people are giving up on Brownback's empty promises. As buyers remorse settles in to it's new home in Western Kansas, let's break the numbers down. Davis/Docking leads 47% over Brownback/Koch 41%. Did I say Koch? I meant Colyer...I always make that mistake.

When asked about the new poll Governor Brownback's campaign stated the following...

“We are confident that once Kansans learn of the record of Sam Brownback...”

Learn his record? We are living in it! Kansans are fully aware Governor, that is why your numbers are so low. Shall we use this new poll from KSN News in Wichita to show you the level of the peoples awareness?

Apparently Kansans age 50-64 are fully aware of your refusal to expand Medicaid and saddle them with Kancare because they support Davis 53% to Sam 's 37%. How about those over 65? Davis 48% - Brownback 43%. But don't let that be your only Kansas stereotype to fall today.

Mitt Romney took Western Kansas with 72% of the vote. Brownback needs at least that from Western Kansas to overcome the more populous areas of the state. The west made Sam the Governor in the first place but he is polling at a mere 52%. After seeing first hand what Brownback's #RedStateModel looks like...

The west seems ready to kick the tires on a new model!

Davis also leads in Eastern Kansas 48% to Brownback's 38%. If Davis gets 50% in the East and Brownback pulls his current 52% in the West, Davis will be the Governor of Kansas.

The one issue Brownback wants to hide from more than any other is education. After spending 4 years starving the public school system, the people of Kansas are more than familiar with his record. Among those who list education as the most important issue in Kansas, Davis leads 73% to Brownback's 19%. The Governor would do well to distract people on education.

“Governor Brownback will keep fighting to get more money where it belongs – in Kansas classrooms.” Statement from Brownback's campaign - KSN News

Nice try Governor!

That must be why moderate voters prefer Davis 69% to Brownback 23%. It's going to take more than a dishonest campaign statement to convince these everyday parents that you are putting money “in Kansas classrooms.”

So no, Governor, your unpopularity is not because people are unfamiliar with your record. It is because of your record. This is a real opportunity to remove this man from power and start fixing our state this November.

Keep up to date on Kansas news and events at http://www.stopbrownback.com/
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