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 photo IMG_0330.jpg
Creston Park

We're getting a few more people for Sunday's meet up than our little house can handle -- so I've reserved a picnic area in Creston Park, instead.  The park is just south of Powell, off of SE 42nd Avenue.  It has parking and is just a short, short walk from the bus stop on Powell at 42nd (the #9 bus route).

Our picnic area is Picnic Area B which you can see on this map.  It is immediately adjacent to the parking lot AND the paved foot path, so if anyone is in a wheelchair or has mobility problems, the way to the tables will be easy.

Sunday, June 29 Meet Up Participants

1. Ojibwa
2. Sara R
3. winglion
4. llbear
5. watercarrier4diogenes
6. Oregon Gal
7. loggersbrat
8. Arenosa
9. Kit RMP
10. rsmpdx
11. punkrockliberal
12. punkrockliberal's guest
13. quill
14. pdxteacher
15. jgilhousen
16. Angie in WA State
17. ozsea1
18. lynn47
19. se portland
20. RodSerling
22. Damnit Janet

I am re-thinking the chicken taco thing and will likely provide some cold meat, instead.  Please let me know what you are bringing.  No alcohol, please.
Menu (please tell me what you are bringing!)

1. Cold ham with raisin sauce and mustard on the side
2. Flan
3. White corn chips & Hot Mama's salsas
4. Corn chips and pico de gallo
5. Fruit salad
6. Baked chicken breast marinated in Italian dressing
7. Green salad with lots of add ins
8. Fruit pie
9. Chocolate chip cookies
10. Veggies and dip
11. Banana bread (including a loaf of gluten free variety)
12. Soft drinks

We could use some soft drinks, ice, and probably something like a vegetarian entree...

Hope to see you Sunday, at 1pm, in Creston Park.  The weather should be nice!  Look for the tables with the orange coverings...  Please message me if you are planning to join us and I will add your name to the attendance list!


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Originally posted to Koscadia on Thu Jun 26, 2014 at 03:28 PM PDT.

Also republished by PDX Metro and Kitchen Table Kibitzing.

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