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I have never met any person who writes a diary for the "Kos." I think it's fine
if I follow any woman who may write here if she plans a visit to any Planned Parenthood
office. She can get all kinds of help on any medical issue she may have. She also
might get an ABORTION!

Perfect stranger I am, I still want to tell her what do to with her body. If I was serious,
I can't imagine the trouble I should get into if I tried that.

Everyone knows the fear a woman face's anytime she pays a visit to some clinics
in this country.

Everyone knows about the killings, assaults, harassment  that goes on in front of
some of these clinics.

It's reasonable after years of terror some sort of space be given to the lady just
walking into the clinic. The Supreme Court HAS A 252 FEET BUFFER in the front
of their building. The front doors are locked. You must enter a side door if you want
to enter the building. The Supreme Court has many issues to decide. Folks have
strong feelings about many issues.

Any judge on the court is not stupid, They know well what women must face just
to walk inside the medical clinic.

Still, the Court decided to not allow 35 feet to separate fanatics from the poor lady.
They who sit on the Court have 252 feet to keep them safe. What the Hell were
these folks thinking when they  disallowed this buffer zone?

The judges live in a 'bubble" unaware of what their action means to the victim. Roe
is becoming an afterthought. States like Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi are coming
up with rules to get rid of Planned Parenthood in their state. No matter that these
clinics do LOTS of medical procedures and give advice to mostly poor women.

Rich women have always received abortions and will continue to get them. Too bad
men don't get pregnant. If men had babies, No mention of abortion would
even be in the media.

A major change is needed in this Country to help women get the medical care plus
abortions. A major fund drive should start this morning, to fly a woman and another
person OUT of  any state that  try's to keep her from her needs from being met and
harm her providers.

The western part of Washington state, some clinics in California are places they could go
The lady in need of a abortion would call the clinic, she could be picked up at her
house and taken to a safe place to get the care she needs. Money is raised for many
things, sometimes million's of dollars I am convinced wealthy folks would contribute,
some might offer their planes for free.

Many years ago, I drove 3 different women to get an abortion, all at different times.
There were no protesters, but I saw 3 examples of how having an abortion affects

I have never met a woman who uses abortion as a means of birth control. There may
be a few who do, but the vast majority get an abortion because they feel that is
their ONLY option. Who am I or any stranger to mess with her private life?
Maybe certain men should be forced to have a vasectomy.

I want women to receive any medical are they need. No one should keep her from
getting abortion help when she needs it.

-Do not learn how to
react, but how
to respond.


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