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WAR WITHOUT END    -   The Neocon Principle

After the Big War they were then known as war hawks
Those champions of war from both parties they would squawk
Throughout their cold war they pushed weapons and aggression
Thanks to their war machine our country saw no recession
And today they’ve evolved, once hawks, they’re now neocons
And a new organization for world control they have spawned
In nineteen ninety nine they all signed the paper
Their Statement of Principles, they’re on a serious caper

America America
It’s time to call a halt to
A war without end

In The Project for A New American Century their talk sounds like treason
But with all these big names they now preach it all seasons

Abrams, Bauer, Bennet,
Cohen, Decter, Dobriansky, Forbes & Friedberg,
Gaffney, Ikle, Kagan, Khalilzad & Libby,
Podhoretz, Quayle, Rodman, Rosen & Rowen,
Weber, Weigel,

Highly ideological, one lobbyist turned criminal
He’s now out of prison trying to sell his book tell-all
They once were in our government crafting our war policy
Now they run all those businesses being paid by our war money
From our Department of Defense Neocons and Bush 43
Through budget smoke and mirrors sent wars work to private industry
The real military got smaller it looked so good in the budget
But our taxes pay for more now ‘cause they’ve made war corporate

America America
Did you really want
Their war without end

Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz are now gone in disgrace
Still can’t help but be worried ‘bout who they’ve left in their place
Dick Cheney was a master of all the bureaucracy’s workings
He placed so many people where they can do their secret dealings
America America
We really don’t want
This war without end

What started out as a small business organization
Is now called the Carlyle Group it’s spread round the nation
The Carlyle Group tries to keep quiet and low key
Bush 4 1 built it into a giant war machine
There’s intelligence and armaments and of course there’s big oil
Airplanes and shipyards for our government they toil
All of the those businesses in the Carlyle umbrella
Do their work when there’s war all run by ex-government fellas
We are now all wrapped up in this militaristic mess
Our economy may convulse if there’s no more wars to address
Now onward to Libya, Obama couldn’t say no
Congress acquiesced, War machine said LET’S GO

America America
Stop this mercenary
War without end

We’ve sold all of them weapons from Arabs to Zionists
And those weapons that we sold them they’re now using against us
The Pakistani ISI got fat on funding from Reagan
It killed father-daughter Bhutto as it grew General Zia
They’ve now built the bomb and Lashkar-e-Tayyeba
VietNam and Iraq wars both founded on false pretense
All that death and destruction caused by wars of offense
War machine killed brothers Kennedy and ousted Richard Nixon
They’ve shown how far they’ll go with their violence addiction
With their false war on terror they would keep us all in fear
We can’t allow them to do this every year after year

America America
We are all in it now
It is now our very own this war without end

The neocons got their dream war in country Iraq
Where they built the biggest embassy in the town of Baghdad
Cost was seven hundred fifty million dollars to build it
And it takes six billion tax dollars of annual expense
Of the sixteen thousand of our people to run it
2,000 are called diplomats with private contractors the rest

Neocons call it business it’s just incidentally war
When neocons go die they’ll see hell at their door
Their philosophy is futile there is no way to mend
Can we not stop it now this war without an end

In the bloody Iraq war some have come to sense and reason
Iraq troops are home for good now in this year’s Christmas season
Now the country is hoping that all the women and the men
Will soon be returning from war zone Afghanistan

    America America
    We’ve done it to ourselves
    It’s our war without end

The time is now December 2000 and 11
And the country’s now looking to a new president’s election
The far right is almost ready eight are running and debating
Hard to tell which one of them is worth the nominating
The debaters they do rage all rhetoric ‘n spittle
They have no sane leader that can keep them in the middle
Last election many thought that Obama was the one
But he’s had a rough go of it, progressives hope he’s not done

    America America
    Its time to call a halt
    To our war without end

The politics are ugly lots of money flying ‘round
Neocons still hope to drive Obama to the ground
What was once the US Department of Defense
Neocons have turned it round to playing mostly Offense
In Iraq neocons had their shock and awe war
They did not care about what all was in store
Can’t help but wonder would they take it all back
Let’s hope we can stop them before next they attack
Romney now is talking of attacking in Iran
They would torture and bomb if only ‘cause they can
Gingrich foreign policy would spread the neocon hate
If he gets to name John Bolton as his Secretary of State

    America America
    Its time to call a halt
    To our war without end

Neocons are all for NIMBY, zero-sum and beat the others down
Your job Mr President is to stand the moral high ground
And to remake an economy that’s currently based on war
To one that helps small business like the Mom ‘n Pop store
Start by pushing neocons away and out of the room
Shut them all up and spare us their doom
We are all human beings on this Hot Flat and Crowded* earth
Come on Mr President and show US what you’re worth

America America        America America        There will never
It’s time to call a halt to    It’s time to call a halt to    Be a winner in a
Our war without end        Our war without end        War without an end

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