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I am an infrequent progressive talk radio listener..as I've mentioned before, I think that some shows are more open than others to callers with dissenting opinions. The stand in tonight for the show I was listening to took a call from a lady that felt that the government  just shouldn't tell her what to do. The host told her about blacks in the South that we're barred from restaurants. The caller was unphased and she said again that the gov shouldn't interfere. The host then said that she could feel free to reverse her opinion because as he explained, these same blacks had to sleep in their cars on trips at times because they were barred from many hotels in the South in wide geographic areas until the laws were changed. The caller still maintained her stance, The host then gave a scenario of a dry cleaner who did very good work, but asked the caller if she would still go to this cleaner if she found out he was a Nazi sympathizer and the head of the local KKK. She said she would still use the cleaners if they did a good job. By this time, the host was very polite but somewhat flustered. He then posed the caller with the following scenario. He said the cleaner still did great dry cleaning, but one day it he cleaner smacked his 14 year old daughter in the mouth, making her bleed, smacking her into the wall. He asked her that if she witnessed this, would she still use the dry cleaning service. Her response was, 'well, you might think I'm a bad person but, I would use the cleaners service....as long as they did a good job'. As long as he didn't spit on me or anything like that.

So there you have it folks. This is an example of the mentality of some folks. I've seen it here when people attack me for standing for the right thing, opposing Wall Street backed Democrats, and for being vehemently against corporate over influence in DC. Easy to attack I guess, and harder to really decide to out bought off incumbents and vote in Independent Democrats like myself. Reminds me of my trached patients in the VA who go outside for smoke through their trach. Totally irrational.


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