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So, I was thinking, as I read the story, below….

I mean, I have a question:

The US (along with Turkey, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia) is funding the terrorists who are attacking Syrian's President, Bashar al-Assad.

So, why would the US arrest this teenage girl for joining our mercenaries in the Syrian proxy war?

Shouldn't we be paying her, like we do the rest of them?

Shannon Maureen Conley was arrested in April as she tried to board a plane to the Middle East where she allegedly planned to join the Islamic State (IS), the extreme Islamist group now surging through Iraq.

FBI agents tried numerous times to dissuade the Colorado teenager from her plan to wage jihad in Syria before they arrested her, court documents show.

Conley had told agents that she wanted to use her American military training from the military cadet scheme U.S Army Explorers to start a holy war overseas, even though she knew it was illegal, according to the federal court records which were unsealed this week.


Conley was arrested at Denver International Airport, where she told agents she planned to live with a Tunisian man she had met online, who claimed to be fighting for IS, then known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), whose surge through Iraq is threatening the Middle East.

In her luggage they found CDs and DVDs about jihad, including a number labelled ‘Anwar Al-Awlaki,’ referring to the American citizen the US murdered in Yemen in a drone attack.
A nurse’s aide, Conley told investigators she was a Muslim convert, and planned to fly to Turkey then on to Syria to become a housewife and a nurse at the man’s camp, providing medical services and training.


FBI agents became aware of her growing interest in extremism in November after she started talking about terrorism with employees of a church who found her wandering around and taking notes on the layout of the campus, according to the court documents. The church was the scene of a 2007 shooting in which a man killed two missionary workers.

Conley spoke with agents several time, telling them of her desire for jihad, the records state. The agents tried to dissuade her, urging her instead to support Muslims through humanitarian efforts, which she said was not an option.

The FBI "agents/informants" -- posing as students -- goaded the girl into saying all kinds of crazy stuff, which they dutifully recorded. Teenage stuff.

So, you be the judge.

Shall we bury her for life in the black hole of Guantanamo?

Or torture her into brain-death like we did Jose Padilla?

What do you think she deserves?

Four days before her arrest, she told "agents"; “There was nothing they could do to change her mind and that she was still going.” They stopped her as she was walking down the jetway to the plane.

My other question is -- what did she do that was against the law?

Is there something in the US Constitution about protecting Syria's Bashar al-Assad from crazy teenage girls who want to fight on the side of the US?

Some law I don't know about?

Or, should she have paid a commission to Halliburton, first?

No freelancers allowed?


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