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Well today I figure I'd hop momentarily off the Hobby-Lobby Horse to discuss another of my favorite subjects, how America is now such a wonderful, happy post-Racial nation.  Or rather, how it isn't.

Now we've been shown by Dr. Laura that the N-word is no big thang to say once, twice or even a dozen times.

SCHLESSINGER: Yeah. We've got a black man as president, and we have more complaining about racism than ever. I mean, I think that's hilarious.
Yeah Cuz, I mean - Niggraz be da President now don't they? Yuck. Yuck. Ahem.

So obviously Black People have absolutely no right to complain about the Litany of FUCK I'm about to discuss beyond the Orange Squiggle of House of Hodor.


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Because we don't have Racism in America anymore due to the amazing magical mystery that is - Obama! - none of the following has in fact occurred in the last week.  Except for all of it.

First, we didn't have this Georgia off-duty cop who was arrested for calling someone a "Low-Life Nigger" in the midst of a bout of the ye olde - Ultra Road Rage.

A Clayton County, Georgia, police officer has been arrested and placed on administrative leave following a road rage incident where he allegedly tailgated a woman in her car before following her into a parking lot, where he called her a “low life piece of [expletive] n*gger,” and then spit on her.
And he spit on her?  Geez, just what did that dumb Niggras do to make him do that, eh?

Perhaps because she might have been obeying the speed limit just a little bit too well?

“‘Why the [expletive] you going 35 miles per hour on a 45 mile per hour road’,” Griffith said Sheats yelled at her.

After telling him that he could have gone around her, the off-duty police officer exploded in anger.

“‘I couldn’t pass, you low life piece of [expletive] n*gger’ … and (he) spit on me,” Griffith said.

Yeah, perfectly reasonable response to a traffic issue. Happens all the time between White Folk.

And then you have this little bit of guerilla theater art that occurred on C-Span this week in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. Oh so, heartening.


“I think it’s time for white pride,” said one caller, who identified himself as “Joe in Ohio.” “We have built this country — Irish, Italians, Germans, Irish, wherever they have come from from Europe. No country in the world has produced what the white man has produced for every culture and race in America.”

“Joe” also complained to host Steve Scully that white men are also under attack by “liberal white women that claim there is a war against women.”

Right all those white women are such Racial Haters for complain about White Men [On the Supreme Court and elsewhere] who just won't let them decide what kind of reproductive medical choices they should have, based on either their religion or financial wealth depending on the direction of the argument, and whether or not they can openly discuss any of this with the medical professional of their choice.

How dare those dirty sluts!  Clearly white people are under a siege!

The call was one of several ugly viewer responses to a segment that was supposed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act. Another caller, “Thomas from Maryland,” who identified himself as an independent, said he is “much less liberal today” than he was at the time the legislation was implemented.

“I heard some Black call Karl Rove a ‘white boy,’ and I don’t think that’s right,” “Thomas” told Scully. “They’re attacking white people in the big cities and we’re supposed to put up with that kind of stuff and like them and say, ‘Well, come into our neighborhood.’”

And shouldn't all you black boys be much more grateful?
A visibly uncomfortable Scully later took a call from another man in North Carolina who phoned in to support “Joe’s” remarks.

The white man has done more for the Black man in this country,” “Terry” said. “I think the Black man owes the white man a thank you.”

Now I think it goes without saying that Black People clearly owe thanks to each and every one of the White People who were abolitionist against Slavery, who supported and participated in the Underground Railroad, who helped found and form the NAACP, and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and the ACLU, and we're members of the Freedom Riders, who put their lives on the line - some of whom lost their lives - for Voting Rights, and Civil Rights, and Human Rights, and in additional to all those who've stood up against bigots and racists of all stripes, refusing to let certain biased shit just quietly slide right by without comment or confrontation since that time.

Although from another perspective one could argue that all that is exactly what everyone should be expected to do in a country that proclaims to be the "Land of the Free".

Still I don't think that's enough.. I think a something Special is Called For in response to "Terry".

Thanks.... for all the Lynchings, the Jim Crow and the Beatings, the Segregation and special little Drinking Fountains for just little ole' us.  Thanks... for all the Police Shootings, Unjustified Stops, unwarranted drug and gun searches, the incorrect prosecutions and incarcerations using faulty and falsified evidence, all the housing, lending, and job discrimination, and of course for the presumption of being guilty until proven innocent via all the driving, walking, talking and voting while Black.  Clearly we blackies just don't know how good we've had it all this time. No Sirrie.

Because now that all of those particular daggers in our back are finally only about 4/5ths of the way pulled out - THANKS - for leaving that last 1/5th in there so we can take care of that nagging hard to reach itch for "Freedom" we've had for centuries.  It was really growing unbearable, really it was.

From the Heart of my Bottom I say sincerely to "Terry" and "Thomas from Maryland" -  "Thank You, so very much - Fuckhead! - Thank You!"

I mean every White Person in America just has it so hard, since they know exactly what it's like to wonder if the next time they send their child to school they may not come back alive because of a panicked trigger-happy police man [or police man wanna-be], or you might get arrested for trying to get into your own stuck front door since we Niggraz are so naturally suspicious, or if you get into a traffic accident you might get a shotgun blast to the face or take 10 shots to the chest when you try and knock on a neighbors door for help. To have to contend with all of that and then to have to DEAL with somebody, occasionally, maybe, possibly, thinking you just might, perchance, be a BIGOT?

All just because you might walk out your front door and scream "Fucking Nigger Cunt!" at random black people every once in a while?  What's this world coming to?

How ever do White People face the day with such an outrageous burden on their back?

We should be far more appreciative of all the truly awesome lily white people out there, seeing as we all "Violent Animal Fucks" don't cha know? Of course we are, I heard it on the radio. Or on the twitter, whatever.


[Anthony] Cumia had come under fire after a Wednesday night rant he blamed on being attacked by a Black woman while he was taking pictures in Times Square in New York City. He later posted the picture while referring to the unidentified woman a “whore b*tch piece of c*nt.”

The woman, he said, punched him “at least 10 times,” leading to a confrontation between himself and a group of African-American men. Cumia claimed that because he is white, he could not retaliate, and then claimed that groups of “savage violent animal f*cks” had overrun the city.

    It's a jungle out in our cities after midnight. Violent savages own the streets. They all came 2 defend this pig. I had to yell like at dogs

    — Anthony Cumia (@AnthonyCumia) July 2, 2014

    Savage violent animal fucks prey on white people. Easy targets. This CUNT has no clue how lucky she was. She belted me 10 times. I had a gun

    — Anthony Cumia (@AnthonyCumia) July 2, 2014

And lest anyone think this may have been just a single incident a unfortunately personal misunderstanding where Cumia may have simply mispoke this one time in frustation... not precisely.
But as Jezebel reported on Thursday, Cumia has a long history of targeting African-Americans both on The Opie & Anthony Show and his own podcast.

“Most of the blacks here in the United States have less of an attachment to slavery than I have to f*cking Italy,” he once said. “They hear slavery and racism and use it as an excuse to take the path of least resistance which is selling drugs and fucking rolling people for money.”

I am so seriously glad that because of the election of President Barack Obama, or maybe the residue of lead and mercury poisoning in our water-table due to hydraulic fracking, or just generally rampant entitled assholishness that people like this now feel the complete freedom to just LET. FLY. AT. WILL with all of these oh, so quaint and pithy racial ideas.

If not, then we really wouldn't know exactly who the Loudmouth Ignorant Fuckhole Racists really are...

We'd just be walking around staring at each other in paranoia and fear... wondering.

"Is this guy a jackass racist?"  "Does that guy think I'm a racist jackass?"

Now, we know - most of those guys seem to be able to find a way onto TV, or Radio, and definitely the internet.  All the rest of us are cool, right?

At least I hope so.


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Originally posted to Vyan on Sat Jul 05, 2014 at 07:42 PM PDT.

Also republished by Black Kos community and Barriers and Bridges.

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