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I've often said that Nazi references are so overused and mis-used that they ought to be consigned to history. But, it's hard to ignore the parallels to today's Tea Party, at least in terms of being xenophobic.

I think I have standing to call this out. I have Holocaust Survivors on both sides of my family - who lost most of their extended families. Also, I live in Fallbrook, just a few miles from Murrieta, CA where the protestors clashed over the women and children who were being transferred there.

I can’t help but think of the hundreds of thousands of Jews who were denied visas or turned away from America’s shores prior to WWII.

There was a movement to let the Jews in, but antisemitism and fear blocked their escape from the Nazis.

Now we have families, mostly children, who are fleeing for their lives from corrupt governments, drug cartels, and death squads. These good people come to American to seek safety and are turned away by hate and fear. America is responsible for a lot of the problems in Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador that has resulted in dysfunctional governments and swarms of armed criminals.

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If a Cuban reaches our shores, they are embraced. Why not these people, who only ask for protection and an opportunity to prove they want a better life? Except for Native Americans, this is how our ancestors came here – in between waves of open and closed immigration policies. This is not political – it’s only about our humanity. A “What Would Jesus Do?” kind of issue, which our nation of immigrants must face.

Addressing the Reichstag in 1939 Hitler mocked the US attitude towards taking in the Jews when he said:

“It is a shameful example to observe today how the entire democratic world dissolves into tears of pity but then, in spite of its obvious duty to help, closes its heart to the poor, tortured people.”
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