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Once in a while, I'd like to share tips on Chronic pain. Pain comes from many sources.
In my case it's Parkinson's. As I write this, my fingers are stretched far apart and very
stiff. I work on bending them, it hurts like hell when I try.

I know people in emotional pain. My answer to THAT kind of pain will come later.
The biggest thing I do when I am hurting, is to take long slow breaths. Breathe from
your stomach. Hold your breath for at least 5 seconds, say 1001, 1002, 1003, etc.
After 5 seconds, slowly let the air out.

Turn around and accept you own the pain and you refuse to give it more power. Think
about the most beautiful things that has ever happened to you. Focus on those things.
Slow everything you do down. Listen to your body.

Don't sit, walk around, stretch if you can. I am lucky to enjoy running, try running in the
morning. Quiet your mind and listen to your breathing. Go to a good shoe store
and get properly fit. Buy good arch supports. I don't care how good your shoe is. Put
what's in the shoe with good supports.

I have had several strong pain pills prescribed to me over the years. I rarely use them.
Clarity should be your wish for your brain.

If pain is happening because you just lost someone, understand time does NOT make this type pain better, You have to learn acceptance. You "own" pain and you need to
find way's to live with your loss.

A divorce causes pain, learn to live with your self for a period of time. Wish the person
who left you, all the best. that really confuses folks. Get active with things you enjoy.
someday a person will be doing the same thing. Your eyes will meet, you will have coffee, and soon you will have a new person in your life.  I disagree with
matching type services. Love will find you when you are not looking for it.

I found my newest girlfriend at a running club. Give your new friend "space." Many
folks have said this person want's me all the time. I am busy, I think
my new friend likes the fact that I make time for her.

Learn to love small things in life, look at the sky. I mean REALLY look at it.Notice
beauty, no matter how small. You will be amazed how easy it is to smile when
your focusing on positive things.

Work on issues bigger than yourself. I think this paper gives one a chance to have
a voice in a new and better society.

Look under the fold. I have more things to help your Monday.


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Expect to have 9 jobs in your life. Change is a good thing. If you do thing's the same way everyday, do things differently.

Always think 'globally". Your problems become less important. Okay, enough of my
telling you what to do. I am headed to learn about a new chapter I'm entering.
in the Parkinson's world.

Keep up the fight!

-Eighty percent of the
people who hear(your problems)
don't care and the other twenty
percent are glad you're having
-Tommy Lasarda

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