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Here in Wisconsin, The latest poll has Mary Burke tied with Scott Walker at 46%. Since the Recall Election it is one side or the other, For or Against SKW. With the few sitting on the fence, Those are the ones that will have a huge impact on the Nov election. Unless of course Indictments get handed down before hand....
 The following is a story of an Independent Voter, Who doesn't care about Party lines, But simply, Who in their mind can do the Job. And btw, He happens to be a Very Good friend of mine.
 It started a few weeks ago, When I noticed that he Liked SKW on Facebook. I was like Wow, I didn't think He supported Walker. But I didn't say anything, Just let it be. A couple of days ago, He called me up and said that He would stop by to discuss some Fire related issues, See we are Both Volunteer Firemen, When I came aboard 8 years ago, He pretty much Mentored me and in a nutshell, WE both were part of a "Miraculous Save" as part of an Engine Co. called to a Structure Fire with Entrapment a couple of years ago. We share that Common bond. But that isn't the story. But when My Buddy did stop by and our Conversation was over about his initial Concerns, I mentioned about the Like of SKW on Facebook. I said, "Hey Bud, What's up with the Like of SKW?" He went on to state that He Independently chooses who He thinks can do the Best Job and that He was Happy with ALL the Jobs that SKW has Created additionally He mentioned that He wishes there was a Union in His Place of Employment, WHOA NELLY, Stop, Back -up, Say that Again!! Yes, I heard that correctly.
In a Calm manner, I proceeded to Inform My Buddy that the Job creation has been terrible and basically the State has been Ranked in the Mid 30's, (currently 37th) since SKW has been Governor. I went on to inform Him about the WEDC Fiasco, That Jobs Never took off like a Rocket (Walkers own Words) but Honestly SKW was never about jobs, Or the people of Wisconsin. But My Buddy after hearing My Viewpoint and simple facts said "Oh, I stand corrected". In that moment, He realized He was told the Truth, Because of the Trust WE have with each other as Firemen, He accepted what I had to say, He was Not really well Informed, But He also mentioned WHY cant SKW just come out and say what took Place during the John Doe's? Also My Buddy, Is a Legit Eagle Scout as well. But I simply said that SKW wasn't getting it done.
 This was a simple Honest, Truthful conversation, That changed a Mind in a Divided, Misinformed State. It can be done, Because I have changed a few other People as well. I didn't need fancy elaborate signs, Nothing at all, Just an Honest, Truthful, Simple, basic conversation. If I can do it, So can others, It takes patience and a willingness to Listen, Which I did. That in itself can be a Game Changer come this November!!
 So at the Urging of a fellow Diarist, MOPSHELL, I told My simple story, That a Difference can be made by simply telling the Truth.


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Originally posted to bearsguy on Thu Jul 10, 2014 at 11:11 AM PDT.

Also republished by Badger State Progressive, PostHuffPost: Connection-Conversation-Community , and Bending the Buzz.

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