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10:24 AM PT: just realized i should put the auction information at the top since there are less than two days left.  

Pipers Legacy, Auction#2

you might remember my original diary "ever had  pup lost or stolen?" about a little sheltie who escaped the yard where she was visiting over easter.  she was picked up in columbus, ohio, taken to the local shelter then turned over to a local "rescue" (central ohio sheltie rescue".  

when the owner, who was at the sheltie nationals, found out, she immediately called and was given the phone number for penny sanderbeck's "rescue" - she called in less than 24 hrs of sanderbeck taking Piper thinking how wonderful her little girl was safe and that she would be picking her up the same day to bring her home.

it hasn't happened that way.

for some inexplicable reason, despite proof of ownership being provided (INCLUDING the confirmation by the implanted microchip that is listed both on the shelter intake form AND the release form to central ohio sheltie rescue, penny sanderbeck has and is refusing to return this champion show dog.

NO one can understand why!  even the national shetland sheepdog association has tried to get sanderbeck to return this dog - but she refuses.  

so - it has now moved into the courts.  the owner, veronica covatch, loves her dog and wants her home.  sanderbeck won't budge.  NONE of this makes sense - not one single reason has been given for keeping this dog other than people on the internet said mean things about sanderbeck so she won't return the dog.

the little girl in the middle is piper - she NEEDS your help!!!

why should you care and why should you help?  come across the squiggle and i'll explain...


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EVERY single person who has a pet, who knows someone who has a pet they love is at risk of losing that pet IF sanderbeck and central ohio sheltie rescue succeed in keeping this dog.

when the shelter picked her up, she was microchipped.  the vet who implanted the chip has all the information of her owner - as does my vet for lyublyu.  that chip is SUPPOSED to be there to reunite a lost dog with his/her owner.  yet, the shelter called only once over easter weekend and never bothered to follow up before releasing the dog WITH the microchip number record to this "rescue" person.  that same rescue who previously claimed her purpose is to reunite lost dogs to their owners - yet, in this case, she isn't doing that.  why?  according to her statement on the central ohio sheltie rescue facebook page (BEFORE she deleted it) claimed people on the internet were mean to her.  we "bullied" her to do the right thing - she used my original diaries as an excuse to keep veronica's dog!  she demanded the dailykos diaries be deleted before she would return piper - so, i pulled them with the caveat that were piper not returned, the diaries would return.  so... here we are now - the diaries are back and piper is still being held hostage.

why does this matter to me? to you? to everyone with a pet they love - be that pet a show dog or just plain ol' garden variety heinz 57.

if any one of our pets escapes, we could be in the same situation - and how many of us can afford to hire lawyers and fight this in court?  WHY should anyone have to?  that's why we microchip, why we keep records.  in this case, piper is a registered AKC purebred shetland sheepdog - her mom bred her, loves her, campaigned her (because she is PROUD of her) and wants her home!

well, that is the situation that veronica covatch is in right now.  when i heard about this, my first and still response is that this is a battle that belongs to all of us - not just the single dog owner... so with others who feel the same as i do (a group of people who did not know each other before reading about this situation and investigating the details) have come together and have held two auctions (the second one ends saturday nite) and fundraisers to help defray the legal costs associated with recovering a beloved pet.

This is the current auction (i apologize for bringing this so late to the table here...)  

On facebook, Pipers Legacy has some beautiful and fun items up for auction - the bids are coming in but we could still use more folks to help raise the money to help piper and bring her home!

as you can see on the facebook page for piper bring me home, piper is not the only dog who has been in this situation - but, thankfully, MOST dogs have come home.  

if you can take a minute to look at pipers legacy and if you see something you'd like to have, please think of bidding and help piper and veronica - this little girl has been held hostage for almost three months now - sanderbeck knows piper is veronica's dog - yet she won't return her.  now it will take all of us to help bring that little girl back to her mom and the home where she belongs!

if you would like to help by donating directly, here is the gofundme page (that we suggested veronica start) - while the original goal is almost met, at this point, sadly, until piper comes home, this may be just the beginning.

i know we won't stop trying to help until this little girl is back sleeping in veronica's bed instead of being held by strangers.
this is piper - we need to help bring her home!

why?  because THIS little boy is microchipped - and if he were missing - i'd move heaven and hell to get him back, especially if the person holding him knew he belonged to me and still wouldn't return him!

so for piper, for lyublyu, for your own special one you love - PLEASE help bring piper home!

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Originally posted to edrie on Fri Jul 11, 2014 at 10:15 AM PDT.

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