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(Mild Rant Ahead)

I would like to ask you a few questions. Don't worry. I'll keep it simple, stupid.

You want 1000 National Guard on the border. You want the Feds to pay for a deployment of 1000 men with all the logistics involved. Or do you want it outsourced to Blackwater or whatever one-name-ahead-of-the-lawsuits they are using these days? Come to think of it, it would definitely boost food sales, temporary housing rentals/sales, etc in South Texas. I'm pretty sure there are mostly corporate food distributors there, ready to give you cash...

I digress.

You want these troops. Past the logistical problems and cost, what do you want them to do? What actions should one of them take (should one be on lone patrol) if they see an apparent border crossing by a man woman and child? Call it in? Ok... what about after? What should the patrol do or a soldier (because that's what they are when you federalize them) on his own do with them? Do you hold them as prisoners of war or as criminals who have violated U.S. immigration law? Are they entitled to rights? Do you take them to Border Patrol? Do you let them go their way if they say they are looking to turn themselves over to Border Patrol?

Or do you you just shoot them all?

Are you asking Obama to shoot at children? "Send a message" you said. This country has a loooonngg history of idiots like you asking we "send a message" in every stupid fucking idea we ever had from Vietnam and the Drug War to Beruit, Iraq I and Iraq II and the continuing clusterfuck in Afghanistan....

I digress.

So (gathering myself...) What is it you want to say to these mothers and children? How about a message from Jesus? Matthew 25:35 and so on says a little sumpin'...

You sir, are a self-serving, cravenly coward in nature, rapacious, appallingly ignorant dolt. In short, you aren't worth the oxygen you breathe. You are a bag of organs which could be better used by needy Guatemalan kids.

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you and Louis Gohmert are better used as the archetypes of the today's "conservative." You keep saying the stupidest crap imaginable, making it too easy. All Democratic campaign ads should just be you two morons spouting your crap.


Ok... originally I was simply going to talk about the dichotomy of asking for troops who will be impotent to act in any meaningful way, other than to SAVE lives,  and the incoherent ammosexual posturing of Perry and Sean Hannity.  

So EXACTLY what do you WANT?  You seem to be advocating that people who are legitimate refugees to be shot if they attempt to come here.

'Splain yourself, Ricky....!


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