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Windfall profits from Bitcoin Trading enabled me to do more for the party in a Crucial Year where too many resources were being funneled to an essentially unwinnable US house Race and too little was given to Address the Senate Madness.

I beat my Record this time around contributing a grand total from 2013-2014 of $336. Much of that money was Triple matched or Double Matched.

I am making good on arrangements soon to Relocate to Virginia however. I'll be Moving to Strausburg and my hope is to Volunteer to Register voters.

Given my soon to be Rise in Expenses and the likeylyhood that I will be doubling down my investments for the next 13 months after October in order to...invest more and also Donate more this was likely my last 7 dollars which was given to AGAIN vote for EXPANDING rather than CUTTING Social security

My last 7 dollars for 2014  That's my act blue summary.

I was going to give a lot more to These guys  http://credosuperpac.com/ but the DSCC Kept sweeting the Deal by Offering to Triple match and So far as I know from reading KOS we don't have a High profile Senate Primary On our hands this year to dissuade me from giving to them.

On the other hand as  Donor I have a major regret: CREDO is working GOTV and Voter Contact. Their Spending will likely be MORE effective than the Parties Ad purchases.

so I'm asking anyone else out there that has anything to contribute to that fight even if it's 1 dollar 3 dollars 5 dollars I don't care to Boost CREDO.

I've been thinking about how Super PACS as horrible as they are too could do some good by pressuring the party to do what The activist Base has been fighting for them to do. On first principle I'm opposed to Super PACS but if this is the environment we're going to be stuck in for the foreseeable future then we had better adapt for the time being

DailyKOS and the activist base we are now have at least in theory the "Right" but maybe not yet the Means to Pressure the Party...

http://credosuperpac.com/ <- That's Them. Please Carry the Torch of what I've done forward for me Because I'm going to be Out of that fight for awhile.

See you in 2016 if all goes as It looks now. I'll let you know if not.

For the Record in 2011-2012 I gave a grand total of....12 dollars.

My record was over the 2006 Cycle where I got a phone call from a Poll worker and Spontaneously donated 50 dollars.

I've been Swinging that Bat for awhile. Boost Credo my unbiological family!

Let's do this!



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