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I'm trying to do photography without being able to focus my own eyes, since I lost my glasses this morning. So forgive the blurred shots I'm sure will now end up here. I try to filter them for precision but with my eyes that isn't exactly accurate.

But Kevin got on a plane yesterday and flew* to Detroit. After a harrowing night trying to get a room that was arraigned in May Kevin was able to shelter for the night with a fellow Kossack and was able to make it to registration this morning.

And with great joy Kevin finally got his own room. With an awesome view BTW:


*Kevin doesn't like to discuss his near collision experience with the Space Shuttle that grounded him from the pilots seat.


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Here is the lovely Denise Oliver Velez meeting Kevin:


And here my inability to remember names is the reason most of these are not identifying the subjects.. I know this dude and still can't remember his name. But those of you that can focus can surely read the name badges.






Even lurkers can meet Kevin:



Meteor Blades, Vyan, and Shockwave:


Muskegon Critic (I think) and Eric Lewis:


Here is Kevin enjoying the Biden event with Brilling et al:


4:13 PM PT: I'm going to be remaining at the hotel this evening. I have been going full bore since 8 am yesterday with only small respites since then. There is a tremendous amount of walking I can't get around since the hotel itself is an accessibility nightmare for me, curved hallways that you can't see if you are going the right way make scouting ahead visually impossible. If I don't want to spend the whole weekend in my room I need to give my body a chance to recover. Of course Kevin will provide photo ops to those that connect with me while I'm at Netroots. So feel free to let me know if you would like me to join you for photos.

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