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I consciously avoid writing diaries here on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and this is not a diary on that issue.  People know my opinions.  Some here think I excuse the targeting, killing and injuring of civilians in support of my side and I believe that some here excuse the targeting, killing and injuring of civilians in support of their side.  I do not want to get into that debate here because we all just talk past each other and this is not about that anyway.  This is about a rec list diary that fails to recognize the statement it supports is not a callout of media coverage, but a claim of ZOG (Zionist Occupied Government) and a claim that the Jews control the media.  These are two staples of anti-Semitism.

Here is the quote:

"Well because of AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee)," Rula Jebreal said. "Because of the money behind it. And because of Sheldon Addison. And because of all of us in the media. We are ridiculous. We are disgustingly bias when it comes to this issue. Look at how much air time Netanyahu and his folks have on air on a daily basis on Andrea Mitchell and others. I never see one Palestinian being interviewed on these same issues."
First, she is making the claim that the Jews control the government.  She specifically mentions AIPAC and Sheldon Adelson.  President Obama has consistently stood up to Adelson and I would remind everyone that Barack Obama is still in the White House and Mitt Romney is still a private citizen.  Furthermore, I would remind everyone that the amount of money oil companies and tobacco companies and business, in general, spends lobbying dwarfs any amount spent by AIPAC.  AIPAC is effective not because of money, but because politicians can read polls.

Second, she mentions one journalist by name, specifically Andrea Mitchell, who just so happens to be Jewish (and I'm seriously waiting for some crazed international banking conspiracy to be mentioned at some point because of her husband).  There were plenty of other journalists she could have mentioned, but she chose to mention a Jewish one.  Furthermore, there are plenty of images coming back from both sides of the conflict.  That is what a responsible press is supposed to do.  It is supposed to report the story.  It is supposed to report the facts.  There are officials from both sides of the conflict that appear on television shows and are given airtime.

While some here might not realize the insidiousness of the claims being made, and I like to believe that the overwhelming majority here act in good faith, to the overwhelming majority of Jews our ears will perk up when we hear quotes like that.  We will see the rhetoric we have seen many times before being thinly-veiled in language that is familiar to us because of thousands of years of our people's history.


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