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Since I started this little project, I have received numerous offers supporting the effort to get a guitar for a man I work with.

I have been to 2 stores, looked at new and used guitars and have a tentative selection made.

I did go to Firehouse Guitars in Atlanta and they have no used instruments. I told them this tale and the store staff was impressed and offered to work a deal. They were really cool.

I am thinking used over new here: there is just too much mark-up on new: things are invariably overpriced, even with 'deals'.


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The guitar I have my eye on (tentatively) is used: it's from a company called Schecter Guitar Research and they primarily make high-end professional electric guitars.

This guitar has the fiberglass bowl for a back, is just a bit thinner than a full-size dreadnaught (box guitar) and has active electronics in it. (One kossack has offered to send a 30 watt amp - which would be awesome, but I doubt the personal care home would like it very much...)

The other thing I am thinking is that the shallower back will make it easier for him to get his arms around, should he start to have pain.

Today I got the message that Jim has gone to the hospital. He is really sick, in pain, and may require surgery.  

Jim is a nice man and it seems to be a travesty that he has to suffer like this. So his admission to medical hospitalization is spurring me on to get this done. I don't know how long he has, but he did not seem that ill yesterday. Ergo, things can change with frightening speed.

A Brief Aside
Since I have started this, it's like I got busier. I called to set up an appointment for deep-root cleaning on my teeth. The dentist actually answered her own office phone and when I started to set up an appointment she goes "Doc? Is that you?" She remember the sound of my voice and I haven't seen her in over a year.

The cleaning is $1000 now. Horrifying.

Well..... stars seem to have aligned for once: they have a person who is getting ready to take the board exam for dental hygiene  and she needs to have a live guinea pig patient to clean for this exam. The patient gets the $1000 procedure for FREE. You just have to run around some, which I have been doing. Offer void without notice.

Zipped into town on Wednesday for xrays, into town Thursday between work and pm client for more xrays, and this am, all the way into Decatur at 8:00 am for yet more xrays and assessment.

The exam is tomorrow from 1130 am to almost 5 pm, effectively killing off Saturday to snatch Jim's guitar. I might try to run up Saturday night to get it, or do it Sunday.

I wanted to video Jim getting the guitar at work, but may have to be flexible. I am not above finding him in the hospital (I know where it is) and doing it there if possible.

We'll 'play it by ear' for now.

Keep your fingers crossed, and if you're the praying sort, Jim really needs some now.

Thanks, immensely.


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