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So the meme goes "Terri Branstad will win the Iowa Governorship because Jack Hatch is a big city liberal". If Terri Branstad does win, it will be in part because of lazy parroting of this lame Republican meme set in negative contexts. Seriously people?!! For more discussion as to why everyone should stop treating Iowans as if we are idiots and send Jack Hatch a little love, please proceed.


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Horror of horrors, Jack Hatch is a big city liberal!!! Would anyone who is trumpeting this particular talking point please explain why we Iowans wouldn't like folks from Des Moines. Where exactly do Republicans and talking heads think Terry Branstad lives?

FYI - Yes, Des Moines is a big city, at least by Iowa standards. But you can rest assured that residents of Des Moines do Iowa nice as well as anyone. What is Iowa nice you might ask? It is a line of people at a convenience store who don't know you reaching into their pockets when they realize you might be a little short. It is smiling and saying hello to complete strangers as you walk down the street and having them smile and say hello back. It is talking about the weather in an elevator so as not to be rudely silent. It is lying that you are too busy to talk so you can politely hang up on political phone callers. I even called one sweetheart the other day, a reflex of an Iowa mom.

I was particularly miffed when I read this meme in a DailyKos blog post, again in a context that suggested being a liberal was a loser in Iowa - a second-tier candidate who was a big city liberal. Guess what non-Iowans. There are liberals in Iowa. There are lots of liberals in Iowa. They are all over the state doing great things. Steve King is an aberration, I swear. Show us liberals some respect already.

As to the particulars of why you should help us get Jack Hatch - a small businessman who builds affordable housing, a state senator and a proud liberal - get elected and why you should inform people that Terry Branstad has broken more than he's fixed, here are some important differences.

Jack Hatch on governing: Respectful team-based governing that engages Iowans in the decisions that affect their lives.

Terry Branstad on governing: Firing and blacklisting government employees, paying hush money, and hiring his unqualified friends and financial supporters into the jobs at higher pay.

Jack Hatch on jobs: Expanding job-training opportunities to more Iowans; Supporting small Iowa businesses in all Iowa communities; Investing more in sustainable energy to make Iowa #1 in wind power; Creating good paying construction jobs.

Terry Branstad on jobs: Illegally closing job-training offices across the state; Giving large foreign companies millions of our taxpayer dollars for a handful of jobs; Privatizing public services at higher cost for lower quality.

Jack Hatch on healthcare: Successfully fighting Branstad to extend affordable health insurance to thousands of Iowans; Supporting a strong public health system; Supporting families of children with disabilities.

Terry Branstad on healthcare: Fighting against expanding affordable health insurance to Iowans; Reducing our state’s public health workforce; Leaving families with disabled children on waiting lists for home healthcare support when we have $900 million in our rainy day fund.

Jack Hatch on education: More support for K-12 and state universities and universal access to preschool for Iowa's families; Directly providing low interest state loans for college students to make college more affordable; Respect for Iowa's teachers and the goal of returning Iowa to #1 in education.

Terry Branstad on education: Cut state support for education and watch the schools lay teachers off; Rinse and repeat.

Jack Hatch on infrastructure: Rebuild and maintain our infrastructure; See "Jack Hatch on jobs" above.

Terry Branstad on infrastructure: Ignore our infrastructure needs despite size of rainy day fund (see above).

Jack is smart and authentic. Disrespect for him is disrespect for what is the essence of Iowa. He deserves your support!


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