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August 9th.. Inverness, Florida.
DC Koller ....US Congressional Candidate FL against Nugent... speaking after  1:30 PM
listening to any and all voices with concerns re this state.

We have folks from Key West North coming and have confirmed.

Sem Dem has confirmed and Author of  Rick Scott Enemy of the State  is to be here speaking .
I am sure Sem Dem does not mind me posting this as more activity

David A Kearns is running for House Seat 53 in Brevard.  He is also author of the book "Rick Scott: Enemy of the State".   He said he would be very interested in coming.  

Another person is Fernando Sosa.  He has been featured on Chris Matthews, Seth Myers, and a ton of TV and radio and magazines.  His company is Political Sculptor... a 3D printing company that lampoons Chris Christie, Rubio, Rick Scott, Pam Bondi... etc...  He said he would be interested in attending.

I would like to invite several bloggers like the ones who do flapolitics, eye on Miami, beachpeanuts, and several more candidates.

From:   Gordon20024....
Bringing in BBQ, Chicken, Veggies, Salads, etc.

We will be needing some coolers no doubt... We are working on ice.

I have a tent I am checking on
PA System in Place
Byardl coordinating with Gordon
Bonfire to Start around Dusk
Blogging and possible live streaming
We have RSVP's from about 30 so far not including this family.
I am quite sure there will be more.
Please sign in and number of people in your party.
We started as a little meetup but it is beginning to look like a mini Netroots.
We need to cooridnate in this diary with folks driving and picking up so feel free to just jabber away.
Nancy Jones is talking to A Gainesville contender in the House race.
We will have food, activism and a GOTV effort.  She is also bringing and representing
Occupy Gainesville.

Florida is in dire straits and Boots on the ground is absolutely essential.
We will have signs and Buttons on hand.
If anyone wants to make us a hanging Banner from our new one... I sure would appreciate it !

Aster kitty made a beautiful banner  featured up top.
If you want to bring your own lawn chair, I recommend it.
We will be starting at about 10 AM and people are free to come and go...
I am continuing to check for best motel rates...
We can beat 100.00 a night and some have checked on that.
Truthfully, you would not believe the conditions I have worked under trying to pull this together , so ya'll come.

Here is the info I received from Dave Koller
Hello Amanda,

We have not had a response from the Crist campaign but I'll ask someone to follow up.

I anticipate arriving at your event around 1:30

 I will be happy to speak or just sit around and talk. In reality, I should be doing the listening if I am to serve you the best I can.

I look forward to finally meeting you.

Dave Koller
Democratic Candidate US FL-11

Event:  Daily Kos North and Central Florida Meetup
Time: 10:00 AM
Place:  Inverness Florida.

Kosmail vetwife for info on directions


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