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According to a Rasumssen Reports' poll (July 18, 2014) Oklahoma Republican Gov Mary Fallin is in a surprisingly close contest for reelection (she got 60% of the vote in her 2010 election.  A new statewide telephone survey of 750 Likely Oklahoma Voters finds Fallin with 45% support to unknown Dem state Rep Joe Dorman’s 40%.

Forty-nine percent (49%) of all voters in the state now approve (20% strongly)of the job Fallin is doing as governor, while 48% disapprove (28% strongly).

Fallin is now viewed Very Favorably by 25% of Oklahoma voters and Very Unfavorably by 29%.


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Gov Fallin was seen as allied with Republican Secretary of Education, a Dentist Janet Berrisi (she started 2 charter schools), a very unpopular Ed Secretary and she has flipped-flopped on Common Core.  In the 2014 Republican primary Berrisi came in THIRD and didn't make the general election (unknown Republican Joy Hofmeister got 58%).

Gov Fallin meets regularly with ALEC to discuss legislation.  Gov Fallin has had her veto overridden by a overwhelmingly conservative  Republican House and a filibuster-proof Senate.  Gov Fallin said she would create a ACA exchange then changed her mind.  She refused Medicaid money and the poor received less health care.  

She left the state to go on vacation last year and didn't meet Pres Obama at the Oklahoma City adjacent Tinker AF Base.  This is seen by even some conservatives as not respecting The Office of the President.  A Republican told me "I don't like him either but that was her job.  Respect the Office of the President".

This ALEC stuff may be really hurting her.

The unknown Rep Dorman is making this a close race.  Dorman had a internal poll that showed him within 6 points, but "internal poll" means little.  Rasmussen confirms his internal poll.


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Originally posted to Churchill on Wed Jul 30, 2014 at 04:12 PM PDT.

Also republished by American Legislative Transparency Project.

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