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You may have seen http://reaganbook.com or seen stories about it.   Well, it got trolled out of existence, but I would like to point out that it is a good example of how conservatism is a big failure.  

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Trying to be the "conservative" Facebook, the site was extremely slow or down once the server load increased beyond a modicum of user.  They failed to learn from history,  Facebook just didn't put their site and let everybody in, they rolled it out to select universities.  They knew at the time that what they had was something, and they also knew that their site could easily get overwhelmed until they had some success in order to get VC backing to take themselves to the next level.   It seems they didn't have a plan to do anything right from the start and that got their site handed to them in a smoking heap of fail and, instead of admitting that they messed up, they just called it a "test".  

Now, you could say the same about the Obamacare web site when it first rolled out, but I bet you the load the obamacare site had to handle was order of magnitude greater than what this site was dealing with.

Reaganbook was trolled big time because they had no policies on how to deal with problems that any smart person would point out to them when running a site on the internet where any anonymous person can post content.  This site was exactly like the freemarket they so love.  I'm always hearing conservatives saying that the free market will take care of everything.   Here we saw an example of the free market in action and it wasn't pretty.  Kind of like a toxic waste site I'd say.  

Speaking of freemarkets, Reaganbook is also an example of just because you can get it on the free market doesn't mean it is worth using.  Reaganbook, from what I could tell, uses a product called phpfox.  You can purchase a unlimited license for something like $499.   Did they really expect a $499 investment to be the next Facebook?  People have expectations when accessing a web site from sites like Facebook, Google, etc.  Meeting that expectation is going to take infrastructure spending from the start and we all know conservatives are against any kind of spending.  

Reaganbook looked like it  had some actual real conservatives on it.  I read some of the posts crying out that something needed to be done with all the trolls?    For all the conservatives / tea party cries of free speech, when push came to shove, they really wanted to censor the speech they didn't like.   Exactly like their attempts to limit a Woman's right to choose whether to have a child or not.   The only freedom conservatives believe in is the freedom to control the behavior or people with whom they disagree.

So, my conclusion is reaganbook is just another example of the failure that is conservatism.

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