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Daily Kos Elections Liveblog Banner
Tonight voters in Kansas, Michigan, and Washington hold their primaries (Missouri is up too, but there are no notable statewide or Federal races to watch). Our guide to the key races can be found here. Note that in Washington, the top-two vote-getters will advance to November regardless of party. We'll be bringing you tonight's results as they come in, and you can keep track of all the winners just below:
Results & Poll Closing Times (all times Eastern):

Kansas (8 PM for Central timezone, 9 PM for Mountain timezone) | Michigan (8 PM for Eastern timezone, 9 PM for Central timezone) | Missouri (8 PM) | Washington (11 PM)

6:49 PM PT (David Nir): MI-03 (R): Libertarian Rep. Justin Amash has a rather small 54-46 lead on challenger Brian Ellis, with 29% reporting. This margin is much tighter than the polling predicted.

6:50 PM PT (David Nir): MI-04 (R): With 21% reporting, state Sen. John Moolenaar has a 50-39 lead on self-funder Paul Mitchell. The last polls showed a tossup, but the movement appeared to be in the direction of Moolenaar, the establishment pick. The winner will be a lock in November.

6:52 PM PT (David Nir): MI-08 Former state Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop has a clear 58-42 lead on state Rep. Tom McMillin in the GOP primary, with 51% reporting. For Democrats, Susan Grettenberger's now moved out to a 43-31 lead on Eric Schertzing.

6:54 PM PT (David Nir): MI-11 (D): Bobby McKenzie just moved out to a very narrow 40-vote lead on Anil Kumar, with 64% reporting. Both are at 33 percent, with Nancy Skinner at 28. The winner will take on Republican Dave Trott, who knocked off Rep. Kerry Bentivolio earlier in the night.

6:55 PM PT (David Nir): MI-14 (D): Brenda Lawrence has actually started to do better in Wayne County, and now she's edged out to a 39-38 lead on Rudy Hobbs with 46% reporting. Ex-Rep. Hansen Clarke is a distant third with 22.

6:57 PM PT (David Nir): MI-14 (D): Sometimes an early blip is just a blip. Rep. John Conyers has moved out to a comfortable 69-31 lead on challenger Horace Sheffield, with 17% reporting.

6:58 PM PT (David Nir): KS-Sen: GOP Sen. Pat Roberts is up 50-39 on challenger Milton Wolf, with 19 percent reporting. And on the Democratic side, Chad Taylor has now moved out to a 54-46 edge on Patrick Wiesner.

6:59 PM PT (David Nir): KS-Gov (R): The AP has called the Republican primary for Gov. Sam Brownback, but he's at a really soft 61-39 lead on his no-name challenger. Not a positive sign for the incumbent for November.

7:01 PM PT (David Nir): KS-01, -04 (R): In the 1st, tea partying Rep. Tim Huelskamp has not yet been able to shake his pro-big ag challenger, Alan LaPolice, but his lead has widened out to 54-46 with 21% reporting. In the 4th, Rep. Mike Pompeo is currently mashing ex-Rep. Todd Tiahrt, 63-37, but only 12% has been counted so far.

7:06 PM PT (David Nir): MI-08: The AP has called the GOP primary for Mike Bishop, who is currently winning 59-41. The identity of his Democratic opponent is not yet certain, but it looks like it'll be Susan Grettenberger.

7:14 PM PT (David Nir): There's not much going on tonight in Missouri, but one thing on the ballot is a constitutional amendment that would ostensibly guarantee a "right to farm." It's currently leading 56-44 with a third of the vote counted. But as Mark Sumner warns, the intent of the law is to "establish farming as a privileged occupation not subject to state regulation (and incidentally include both huge corporate farms and puppy mills under the pretense of protecting family farms)." It's heavily supporting by big agribusiness.

7:18 PM PT (David Nir): The liveblog continues here.


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Originally posted to Daily Kos Elections on Tue Aug 05, 2014 at 06:42 PM PDT.

Also republished by Daily Kos.

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