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I have become depressed and disgusted with my country.  Much of what I have to say is preaching to the choir so I will get right to the point. Everyone knows that the Citizens United decision by SCOTUS was terrible for the people of America. Everyone also knows that corporations being people is outrageous. But it is quite obvious that reversing Citizens United is not nearly enough to put this country on the right track.  There are groups out there aggressively acting to get the decision reversed by constitutional amendment. There is a Constitutional amendment has been passed by the US Senate Judiciary Committee, Awesome!!  But event in a perfect world where the amendment passes both houses of Congress by the two thirds super majority required and is ratified within the States, it is still not enough. And I believe that deep down everyone knows that. The reversal of Citizens United merely moves political finance and the political discussion back to 2008. Money will still rule and control elections, money will still rule Washington and that money comes from lobbyists and corporations.  If corporations are to be put in the place that they rightly should be, which is to serve the public for a greater good and if the discussion and policies are to be the voice of WE THE PEOPLE then far more change is necessary.

With that in mind I have come up with a number of constitutional amendments that I believe a vast majority of the country would support. I believe that any thinking citizen has thought of these in one form or another at some time in the last decade. One thing to note up front, I DO NOT believe if these were put before congress today that they would pass by the super majority, but I believe that the citizens would want this and I want your feedback if you would support them.

Amendments below the fold


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With that in mind I submit to you what I will call The Peoples Amendments:

1)    The US Constitution applies to living breathing human beings of the Homo Saipan Species.
I don’t need to say much more on that I think we all know where that amendment came from and why we need it.

2)    Paid Lobbying is to be illegal. Again no explanation as to why it is needed. I will say this, if this amendment were to enter the public discussion some of us and some phonies on the corporate side will protest, “what about the good causes like Sierra Club or renewable energy”. My response is, for every good lobbying group there are an infinite number of  bad ones.  Also, this says paid lobbying will be illegal which means that Sierra Club can still mobilize its members, the members can still speak up loudly on our own. Could Exxon Mobile ever mobilize its base? HA HA what base? You see my point?

3)    Ownership of Media outlets are to be limited to one outlet owned by one person (or group) in one city (or market). We all know how gross big media is and how it perverts the discussion, it has become full blown propaganda. But it is not just us on the far left that feel that way. MANY people hate how the news and media is presented. I believe that big media and conservative talk radio are at the root of the divisiveness in politics and in the country.

4)     SCOTUS judge term is to be limited to 15 years or age 75 whichever comes first. I don’t need to explain the necessity of this.

5)    Political contributions are limited to the candidates on your ballot. Amount of contribution is limited to one percent of the average US annual income. I believe the average annual income is currently $50,000, thus max political contribution would currently be approx $500.00 per election.

6)    End Electoral College, US Presidents will be elected by popular vote. This one could be very interesting; Republicans should jump all over this one. With the changing demographics, Texas could go blue or at least a swing state as soon as 2016. That would make it pretty much impossible to elect a Republican with electoral votes.

7)     US citizens to vote on all current and future trade agreements as a national referendum. Everyone, (not just the Left) sees through the free trade/ trade agreement filthy lie. I personally am convinced that if we pulled out of the multiple trade agreements that have ravaged our employment base it would cure many of our ongoing economic problems almost overnight. Millions more jobs means billions, event trillions, more tax revenue and deficit discussion becomes moot. Millions more jobs means employers will have to start to compete for workers and wages will increase.

So I ask you not do you think this can come to reality in the immediate future  but would you support these and would you be willing to do some leg work (both literally and metaphorically)?

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