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California suffers an unprecedented drought, and weather patterns are changing all over the world due to climate change, and the plutocracy wages a war on American workers worse than anything we’ve seen since before Franklin Roosevelt was president.

Meanwhile the loony tune, violent radical right has massed along the Mexican border to terrorize innocent children trying to seek asylum or safety or refuge from their home countries in Central America.

It is beyond disgusting to see grown white men pretending to be old west cowboys treating children as young as three or four as if they were an invading army or a threat to the security of the United States. Clearly, part of the reason for this insanity is the fear of the loss white male privilege. This insanity against the children is not new. It is part of a very ugly strain of a racism, hatred, and anger that is unfortunately woven into our history and too many of our traditions and white supremacy.

Now a new report shows just how idiotic the behavior of the border terrorists has been.

85 percent of the 57,000 children have already been placed with family members or sponsors, churches, states and cities or human rights organizations–which is why they came in the first place. Progressive governors like Martin O’Malley in Maryland and Deval Patrick in Massachusetts have stood up for the terrorized children. Unions have stood up for the terrorized children. Churches sent counter-demonstrators to the border and opened doors for the children.

But America is dangerously squandering its moral authority in the world. We have killed hundreds of thousands of civilians in two wars supposedly to free two countries of tyranny, but we turn the worst sort of hatred on innocent children.

We are in an incredibly dangerous political struggle, which is based on fundamentally different values.

Image source: Gandhi Brigade Store


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