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Fighting back against conservative narrative and framing.
 A series of diaries. This weeks subject: "Job Killing"


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I didn't want to begin this series of diaries with this concept, but I think this is the most pressing conservative narrative at the moment.

I have a friend who uses the f-word so profusely that someone once suggested he take an ESL course just to learn some more adjectives. Most of us drop the f-bomb occasionally when we want to express deep outrage or frustration, but in my friends speech, the word has lost its power from over usage. We joke that if he ever got really angry or frustrated, he would have to make up a new word to express his deep emotion. As Elayne Boosler says.... AUDIT YOU!

Unfortunately, this doesn't happen in political discourse. The more often you use a word or phrase, the more effective it becomes, and the deeper it gets ingrained in the listener's mind.

It seems everything the Republicans are against is "job killing"; the minimum wage, the ACA, extension of unemployment benefits, environmental regulation, banking regulation, taxation.

No matter how often it is disproven or de-bunked, conservatives keep repeating it because it is so effective.

So, how do we deal with it? Here are my suggestions to start the discussion:

1. What's sauce for the goose..... we need to start adding the adjective phrase "job creating" to our initiatives: job creating green energy, job creating employee retraining, job creating recovery. We also need to start associating "job-killing" with Republican policies: job-killing Republican intransigence, job-killing Republican tax cuts

2. There is nothing like the court jester when it comes to speaking the truth to power. The average FOX News viewer doesn't watch Stewart, and doesn't understand Colbert. But even folks who never watched The Blue Collar Comedy Tour know "you might be a redneck if......" We can create the same hegemony. We can make Bill Maher's " zombie lies," part of the lunchroom conversation.

These lies keep coming back to life no matter how many times we try to kill them. But making strengthening the zombie lie frame will finally drive a stake through the heart. Make sure to use the phrase "zombie lie talking point."

Opening the comments for other suggestions.

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Originally posted to Seattle & Puget Sound Kos on Mon Aug 11, 2014 at 03:48 PM PDT.

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