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New York Rallies with International Community to Stand with Gaza!


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Millions of people have decried Israel’s crimes against humanity and
marched in solidarity with the people of Gaza.  In Europe, activists have
turned out in 12 countries, including in France, where thousands defied a
government ban.  One hundred and fifty thousand were reported to have
marched in great Britain.  Tens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrated
in the Occupied West Bank in solidarity with their Gaza sisters and
brothers.  Inside Israel 5,000 rallied in Tel Aviv, while 700 marched in Haifa
and others in Jerusalem.  Some 50 Israeli reservists refuse to serve in the
military’s invasion of Gaza.  Elsewhere in Asia, demonstrators came out in
many countries, and Australians and New Zealanders marched too.  
Protests have also occurred throughout Northern Africa and several cities
in South Africa, where government expelled the Israeli ambassador and
50,000 marched in Cape Town.  Several Latin American countries have
broken diplomatic relations with Israel.  Now in New York we’ve come
together with the international community to say we too Stand with Gaza!

To download or listen to this 28 minute radio program go to

Building Bridges is broadcast live over WBAI 99.5 FM in the NYC area on Mondays from
7-8pm EST and syndicated to over 50 broadcast and internet radio stations in the
US, Canada and UK

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