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There have been some recent diaries talking about how Rand Paul has come out with some populist views that Democrats should be spearheading, but yet are conspicuously silent on.

- marijuana legalization and ending the drug war,
- to national intelligence and privacy rights,
- to concerns of American empire and perpetual war posture,
- to accountability for bankers (not just shareholder fines),
- and yes, to the rampant militarization of law enforcement

We can all agree that these are good things, and can agree that Rand Paul is NOT a good guy

Yet, why do I believe him to be a serious threat in 2016?

Follow me below


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In the comments on various diaries, Rand Paul's vast and many short-comings were detailed. People think that due to this he is no threat. Yet I feel different.

Why, when we can pull out story after story of this racist POS and his ditch-the-safety-net ways?

It comes down to one thing.... UNINFORMED VOTERS!

Rand Paul has a message in the points I stated above that will appeal to many uninformed people.

After all the average non-political person can get behind

- marijuana legalization and ending the drug war (How many of the uninformed fall into active smokers?)

- to national intelligence and privacy rights, (who doesn't want privacy on the net)

- to concerns of American empire and perpetual war posture, (Many people are tired of war)

- to accountability for bankers (not just shareholder fines), (Go After the big people at top, a very popular idea)

- and yes, to the rampant militarization of law enforcement (Do I even need to explain?)

Informing people who don't want to be informed and who just listen to a sound-bite won't work.

And here comes the crux of this.

Sound Bites cost MONEY!  MONEY! Why is it that many times the amount of money spent determines an election?  It isn't because the dollars directly pull a voter lever. It is because the uninformed get there information from Sound Bites! They then pull that voting lever due to the big money!

And because too many people are too disinterested in the electorate to actually research a candidate and their positions, I feel that with a populist message and enough money (The KOP has tons to throw around) Rand Paul is a credible threat! *KOP=Koch Owned Party

Especially if the Democratic party keeps abandoning its base liberals and goes with a third-way candidate! (Looking at you HRC)

We need to get out front on populist ideas which by coincidence are PROGRESSIVE!  We need to get out front a new face of the Democratic Party (Warren, Sanders, etc.) We need to be alert to the danger that Rand Paul and his acolytes will keep him in the race as they are the most devoted of any potential KOP nominee!

In short, we must not lay back on our laurels and get out front to the people!

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