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Fitzjohn warning: rant coming:

The waiting room is still bleak. Why can't someone give the VA money to buy some yellow  paint. I sat in the waiting room remembering happier days sitting and laughing
with my fellow vets waiting for our group. We knew more about each other than our families.
Half of those guys are dead now. Faces, voices. memories, I see them as clear as a
new window pane.

Finally  my name is called, a lovely young lady young enough to be my granddaughter
is a Doctor who wants 4 hours to test my brain.  I should have lied when I admitted
I had ice-cream for dinner. Maybe when I was asked who was president, I said Cheney.

I am kidding, I said. I don't think they have pass or fail on these
things, but now she wants me again next week. I said I'd think about it.

I am not going to be a victim anymore, I will adjust as I must, keep lists, but live.
That doesn't mean in the hospital.

The day was sunny in Seattle and it was packed with folks of all ages. Seattle won last years Super Bowl. A pre-season game is playing here tonight.

 The economy is doing great here. It cost's hundreds of dollars to buy one ticket.

While I waited, I listened to folks .


I think some people want to feel they are on the field. They
are playing. Long ago, I figured out my life would not change at all if
any of our sports teams won or lost a little boy's game.

I swear some people base their quality of life on how players they don't know, play a game.

Six thousand miles a way, people are being killed in Iraq. Children are being killed.
In Africa, a disease is killing people.

I go back to my town where Microsoft is located. At the store, mothers with small children are begging for money. I am starting to see entire families begging for food.
I run past blocks of million dollar homes here, thousands of people are paying huge
sums of money to watch a pre-season football game.

I think a bridge will have to fall and kill people before Congress will fix anything. I think
abortion will be declared illegal someday. Your already seeing race wars  now in the Midwest.
Almost half of this Country blame our President if it rains. I laughed when the racist
Governor of Kansas blamed his poor showing on the President.
No matter that the governor is Republican and an idiot, he probably will continue to be
the governor of Kansas.

This country is falling apart and we're watching stupid games. Stopping all my pills is
really giving me clarity. I am also tired and  blissful darkness seems great.

Maybe there is a world somewhere where we truly can start over.

-Go to the edge
of the cliff
and jump off.
Build your wings
on the way down.
-Ray Bradbury


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Originally posted to Vet 65 on Sun Aug 17, 2014 at 06:37 PM PDT.

Also republished by KosAbility.

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