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Missouri's governor Gov. Jay Nixon ordered the National Guard onto the streets of Ferguson early Monday. The action is said to have come after another night of violence following the shooting of Mike Brown an unarmed black teen by police in the St. Louis suburb.

But I have concerns as to who the National Guard will be coming to protect. The conflict in Ferguson is almost unbelievable. I would have thought it was a preview for Hollywood movie if I didn't know better.
"Tonight, a day of hope, prayers, and peaceful protests was marred by the violent criminal acts of an organized and growing number of individuals, many from outside the community and state, whose actions are putting the residents and businesses of Ferguson at risk," the Governor said in a statement.

However, I wonder why the proper actions of investigating the crime haven' been taken yet. I'm not agreeing with looting, or destruction of property but what we are dealing with her is a national problem. A minority is killed whether they be black, Latino, transgender or another woman raped and instead of doing an immediate investigation the media and other I dare say prejudice members of our society start victim blaming. Because cops can never be wrong, right? Because any minority that has been killed surly brought it on themselves, right? People are sick of it.

They don't want to here, "We'll look into it" and then a few months later a killer walks free while the family and friends have to except that they and their dead loved ones are looked at as life's with no value. They are faced with the horror that at any moment they could be killed and not only will noting be done about it but they will likely be blamed for their own death.  

"Given these deliberate, coordinated and intensifying violent attacks on lives and property in Ferguson, I am directing the highly capable men and women of the Missouri National Guard to assist ... in restoring peace and order to this community.”

The people of Ferguson want peace. They also want justice. Protect all the people not just some of them.  

There needs to be more accountability for the actions of police officers. And even as the terrible situation in Ferguson continues to escalate there have been other incidents less covered in the media of police brutality. Surely, not every single one of these people brought a beating or a killing on themselves. And the fact that what is happening in Ferguson has been allowed to go on this long by the ones that we look to for leadership and protection makes me feel as though I am in a Hollywood horror.


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