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In a careful examination of the video released by the Ferguson PD, it appears that Michael Brown actually paid for the cigars that the police claim he stole.

Crooks and Liars:

Ferguson police's attempts to demonize Michael Brown, the unarmed African-American teen killed by Officer Darren Wilson, may have hit a small snag. The very video they released at the same time as they identified Wilson as the officer responsible for shooting Brown six times, including twice in the head, may show the opposite of what they intended.

While it is difficult to be 100% certain, the video appears to show Brown purchasing some cigars, but lacking the money for the amount he wished to buy. Brown seems to  purchase some cigarillos, pay for them, attempt to buy more, then replace the ones he could not afford.

The confrontation between Brown and the clerk may have been because Brown impatiently reached across the counter. Perhaps it was wrong for Brown to shove the employee (it is impossible to know what words were exchanged) but this footage seems to exonerate him. It is important to note that Brown only shoved the clerk after he put his hands on him.

C&L does a good job discussing how media jumped on the "thug" bandwagon and attempted to aid the character assassination of Michael Brown.

Anyone attempting to justify this shooting by calling Michael Brown a "thug" or a "criminal" or who says that "he had a rap sheet" as various people have claimed over the past few days is, clearly, a racist.

Even if Brown did commit the petty theft of a $5 pack of cigars, a pack he appears to have paid for, gunning him down in the aftermath is murder. Petty theft is not a capital crime.

The police themselves are never supposed to dispense punishment. Their job is never to punish. That is the job of the courts. Yet when the police in this country act to punish, they are given a pass by people who don't seem to understand the rule of law, or the importance of our laws and rights.

Yet there has been this parade of forces attempting to justify the police action as if it could possibly be justified.

This cannot possibly be justified.

There is no scenario in which the shooting of an unarmed teenager is remotely acceptable.

And the Ferguson PD have proved themselves to be liars, yet again.

Just like the time that they charged a man with four counts of destruction of city property for bleeding on their uniforms while they beat him.

The fact that the Ferguson PD are liars shouldn't surprise anyone. But perhaps this bit of evidence can help us push back against the character assassination they're using against an innocent, murdered, american teenager.


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