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Not even sure how to start this out, everything's just a pile of knotted crap in my brain that turns into the urge to inarticulately scream while attempting to strangle my monitor.

Screw it. Here's the background. Gofundme.com is running a fundraiser....for the guy who killed Michael Brown in the street for no reason. And because I kinda hate myself sometimes, I started reading some comments.

Not going to go through the entire thread, by the way. Taking enough sanity damage reading a few, and there are close to 4,800 entries with possible comments.
If I did them all, someone would have to come over here, feed me Valium and talk me down after I typed out my 200 page hatred diary.

I am, however, going to respond to some of these lovely, lovely quotes with my own commentary.

MD FOP Lodge 70 supports our brothers and sisters in Missouri. Please support them and your local law enforcement officers!

Also, how about you people actually, I don't know, place higher priority on the people you're supposed to be sworn to protect and defend?

Ever wonder why cops get looked at like a joke? Here's a hint - it might be the whole "we need to protect our brothers no matter what kinds of awful shit they do" circlejerk that always seems to start up whenever yet another unarmed person takes rounds in the street.

I know, that sounds like crazy talk. My apologies. Me and my damned logic.

Know that lots of Americans realize the tough job you have every day and that you deserve to have your side of the story publicized at least equal to those prejudging you and your need to defend yourself--the right of every citizen.
Well, last time I checked, noone was posting leaked footage to smear the cop, or putting out reports that say the cop was intoxicated at the time of the execution. That's the kind of shit that only seems to be happening to the dead black kid. Go. Fucking. Figure.

Hell, the local police won't even release an incident report that isn't a hollow demented joke, which you'd think they would do as soon as possible to supply proof that one of their own had good reason to shoot the shit out of an unarmed teenager. Not to mention that if the cop had been beaten up during the events leading up to the shooting, you'd think someone would've released pictures, x-rays, SOMETHING.

If Police Chief Bumblefuck could manage to somehow connect what flavor of Pop-Tart Michael Brown ate before he ended up with a bullet where his eyeball used to be with supposed criminal behavior, we'd probably have a full leaked "report" of it by now.

Also, maybe it's just me, but I am kinda tired of people going "cops have got it so terribly hard". Fine, I'll mail the FOP Lodge 70 some cookies and gold star stickers to pass around.

Look, it's a tradeoff. Cops get the guns, the toys, the power fantasies, the ego fulfillment, the feeling that they're inherently superior because of their occupation, and in exchange, they have to deal with all the bad shit. Don't like it? Do something else.

I appreciate cops when they aren't power-tripping assholes with a nasty tendency of beating on, screwing over, lying to, lording over and/or straight-up blasting the crap out of those they're sworn to protect and serve, but I'll be gods-damned if I'm going to play head cheerleader for another piece of shit that decided murder was the best way to solve the situation of "black kid too close to me".

I know you would have rather gone your entire career without killing anyone.
.......ya know....right now I'm really happy I'm able to shake my head and laugh in horrified disbelief....otherwise, my brain might start subconsciously telling my throat to swallow my tongue. You know, to take my mind off the pain I'm experiencing reading that.

How, in the everloving HOLY FUCK, do you know what Murder Cop would or would have not rather done? Again, my logic's rearing its ugly head, but the dead unarmed kid tells me you are absolutely, one hundred thousand percent wrong.

I swear, I'm going to name my brain embolism after the person who wrote that....

As a retired, career police officer, I donate this from my pension; hope this helps. We support & believe in you! God bless, my brother! It could have been any of us!
Why can't people get this....
It's not a hard concept. Cops are supposed to be the defenders, the protectors, the ones with higher standards of conduct, the ones who sacrifice in order to keep things safe for all.

But after case after case after case after case of every kind of abuse, abuse of black people, abuse of gay people, abuse of women, abuse of basically every kind of person who looks at them wrong, the faith in cops has been eroded, if not flatout obliterated.

If the image of police in general hadn't been allowed to deteriorate to its current state, you wouldn't have to go out of your way to say "We support and believe!" If cops were actually at the standard they tend to perceive themselves as being at, even when they so obviously aren't, EVERYONE could feel good about supporting and believing in them.  

But rather than drawing a line in the sand, saying "Okay, we need to be what we're truly supposed to be, a group that exists for the safety, protection and fair treatment of all. To that end, we will aggressively pursue ANY infraction committed by a member of our group.", they would rather engage in the aforementioned protective circlejerk.

Also, if "any of us" means any cop could end up putting half a dozen rounds into an unarmed teenager for no sane, lawful reason, if "any of us" means that police departments across the country are A-okay with attempting to cover up possible wrongdoing by cops while simultaneously smearing the victims of police executions?

If that's what "any of us" means, we might have the answer as to why so many places in this country feel a lot like Ferguson - powder kegs just waiting to explode after people are expected to blindly swallow one injustice too many.

And lastly....

Our prayers go out to you in these troubling times. Thank you for your service to this country and to your community. May God keep all of us in the palm of His hand.
Yes, let us all bow our heads and pray for the safety and prosperity of Murder Cop as legions of imbeciles line up to give him money for killing an unarmed teenager in the street because of his skin color.

Let us thank him for his part in reminding the world of how ass-backwards this country truly is, let us thank him for being another trigger-happy piece of shit with a badge, a gun, a superiority complex and the common sense of a 4 year old with fresh brain trauma, thereby further eroding our faith in those who are supposed to protect us. (And by us, I mean ALL OF US, regardless of skin color, gender, orientation or anything else.)

May White, Minority-Hating, Women-Hating, Gay-Hating, All Of You Are Worthless Sinners Who Will Go To Hell Unless You Give Me Lots Of Loving Worship And Follow My Rules At All Times God keep us in the palm of HIS (because we can't trust a god who isn't male, vaginas are evil) hand.

Just make sure you don't try asking Michael Brown how well the whole "in the palm of a loving god's hand" thing worked out. Might be a little tricky at this point.

-shakes head- I need a drink.


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